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Inspired from a place of industry “know-how” and first-hand experience, our team at Juicing Systems doesn’t take your hard work lightly. From the very beginning, we set out to make the lives of growers, cider makers, brewers, cold-press juicers and the like, a heck of a lot easier. Whether it’s increased revenue, decreased labour, or a combination of both, we know that squeezing every possible drop out of your apples and other fruit (with considerably less work) gives you more than just tangible wealth.

“My wife is already super happy because I get home a little earlier now.”
– Joe, Jack’s Hard Cider

Squeeze ‘Em Silly

Compared to other methods of juicing, Kreuzmayr equipment produces more juice at greater speeds. With yields of up to 80%, you can feel confident you’re getting the most bash for your mash!

Additionally, the belt presses allow for continuous pressing instead of batch pressing. The machines are easy to use, which gives you time (and energy) to be dealing with other aspects of your business. Like coming up with a great new flavour profile for a brand-new cider, for example.

“On smaller press days I do it myself now. Or, if I have someone else helping I can step away and deal with other issues at the farm. It takes about half the time now with the new press, and with two people vs five. A 4,000-liter press takes us 6 hours with cleanup vs almost 12 before.”
– Andrew, Twisted Roots Cider

We Care About Your Juice, And Your Back

We get it. You need more than just our juicy street cred to know we’re the real deal. You need a team who’s just as passionate about your prosperity as you are. From beginning to end, your success with your equipment is our top priority.

After finding the right equipment for your operation, we’re committed to training you and your team on how to properly use and clean it. We’re always readily available if you have questions or problems, and we’ll show you the ropes for maximizing production for the rest of your experience.

Every single Juicing.Systems employee has operated the equipment we sell. This ensures an expert level of customer service when you have those tough questions, no matter who you get a hold of.

As we like to say, the sale is not the end of the transaction, but the beginning of our relationship!

“Remo is incredibly responsive and provides unmatched virtual support. He often makes himself available to troubleshoot in real-time, helping us get back up and running without serious production delays.”
– Hayley, Little Apple Cidery

The Dream Machine: The Kreuzmayr Difference

You might be asking yourself whether adding more machines to your team’s repertoire is going to cause headaches. “What if the machine breaks down?” “What if it’s too complicated to run?” “What about upgrades?”

Nothing makes us cringe more than lost time. Time is money, after all! Our warehouse allows us to replace parts for you with record speed, with no need to wait for equipment to be shipped from Kreuzmayr headquarters in Austria. Not only that, but because of Remo’s intimate knowledge of the equipment, he usually has a trick or two up his sleeve to keep your equipment running even before you get your new part.

“I’m extremely confident in our ability to run the machine. When Remo was here, he pointed out the different inputs and outputs needed to run it efficiently for both the cleaning cycle and for the juicing cycle.”
– Loren, Taves Estate Cidery

We’re so lucky to have such a great relationship with Kreuzmayr, and because of our experience using these machines ourselves, we have ample opportunity to work with Kreuzmayr to develop improvements and innovations designed to benefit you and your operation.

“What we really like is that you guys are continuing to hone your craft and get better. Juicing.Systems and Kreuzmayr have a commitment to improving on their designs, and upgrades can be implemented without having to buy a whole new machine. It’s really impactful.”
– Joe, Jack’s Hard Cider

Curious about what else sets us apart? Call us today at 1-877-373-8388.

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