From KEB 400/500 Press Lines to a KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer, we have ordered equipment to cover your washing, pressing, and pasteurizing needs, all ready to ship to you!

Press Lines with Optional Destoners

KEB Press Lines

KEB 400 Single Belt Press



Fully automatic single belt presses make those press days a whole lot easier while increasing your juice yields.

Learn more about Single Belt Presses here.


Destoner KEP 650
Kreuzmayr KEP Destoner










Constructed of stainless steel for the easy passing of stone fruits such cherries, apricots, plums and more.

Learn more about Destoners here. 


Batch Pasteurization with the KKP 360

Chamber Pasteurizer

KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer
KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer



Designed for the batch pasteurization of post-fill product via a water shower. Includes a trolley that is loaded with your product and set to your custom time and temperature.

Learn more about Chamber Pasteurization here.