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So you think you can Press

You have seen growth in your business and now you are thinking to yourself what if there’s a better way….

We are here to tell you there is! If what you want is to reduce manual labour, automate production and increase your yields we have the equipment you need to create your ideal pressing line setup for 2022. How does an optimum juice yield of up to 75% sound to you? If that sound like a dream, we are here to make your juicy dreams come true. We want you to squeeze every drop out of that delicious produce you worked so hard to obtain.

Squeez’Em Fruits and Veggies

You have so many fruits and vegetables ready to be turned into juicy juice profits. Your current method isn’t pressing as fast as you would like, it’s labour-intensive, and there’s always a big mess to clean after all the pressing is done. Imagine pressing without bags, bladders, or cloths at a rate of 2-3 bins/hour. That’s 1765 lb/hr. We have the highest-quality squishing machines that can do just that! Like the new and improved motto for the Olympics goes: “Faster, Higher, Stronger -Together”- we’re here to help you achieve all of your juice-pressing goals.

The best way to maximize the use of your fruit is to get the most out of it in the least amount of time possible.


We have the following Juicing equipment in stock and ready to be delivered to your operation. 


No lead times! You can start pressing as soon as you’re ready! We’re ready when you are!

Create a High-Powered Juice Processing Line

Bin Tipper GKE (1 in stock)

Adding speed to the infeed process by simply pressing a button, the Bin Tipper tips your produce directly into the Washer-Elevator-Grinder, located directly above the belt press.

                             Tip It!

Washer/Elevator/Grinder with destoner chute KWEM 2000 (1 in stock)

The Kreuzmayr Washer / Elevator / Grinder combines the freedom from washing, lifting, and grinding in one easy step. Integrates easily with Kreuzmayr KEB Belt Presses since it is positioned directly above your press. The capacity of 4400 lbs/hr (2000 kg/hr) Able to transport stone fruit into a destoner thanks to its destoner chute.

            Send Me a 3in1!

Single Belt Press KEB400 (2 in stock)

Our entry-level belt press can press 2-3 orchard bins per hour. That’s an impressive press of 1765 lbs/hr (800 kg/hr) With a thinner and more uniform cake going through the rollers as opposed to pressing with a rack and cloth or squeeze box-style press, we can place higher pressure on more of the pomace.  Easily moves from one place to another in your facility thanks to its wheels. This unit has a sensor control that prevents overflow by pumping off juice automatically! 220V single-phase power supply.

 Get A Belt Press Now!

Prepare your operation for a new era


Is your answer, “A definite YES!”.”


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“Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together” – IOC Session approves historic change in Olympic motto. Retrieved June 8th, 2022 from http://Olympics.com/ioc/news/-faster-higher-stronger-together-ioc-session-approves-historic-change-in-olympic-motto



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