Stock equipment is machines that we have in our warehouse, ready to ship to you! This reduces lead times so you can get pressing faster. Read below for what we have available:

KEB 500 Press Line

Looking for the most efficient solution to getting the most out of your produce? Kreuzmayr Pressing Line’s are the answer, designed for the juice extraction of produce such as apples, carrots, pears etc. Achieve yields up to 75% depending on your produce. Nominal capacity of 1000 kg of produce per hour that utilizes a series of rollers and mash deflectors. Available in our warehouse ready to ship. Consists of:KEB 500 Single Belt Press Stock Equipment

  • Kreuzmayr KEB 500 Single Belt Press
  • KWEM Washer-Elevator-Grinder 2000
  • GKE Bin Tipper can be integrated as well
  • Comprehensive spare parts package

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Kreuzmayr Destoners are the perfect solution for the removal of pits from a variety of stone fruit such as cherries, plums, apricots to name a few. Has the ability to integrate into Kreuzmayr Pressing Lines to create a seamless juice extraction process. Various sieves with simple changeover procedures. Destoner KEP 650 stock equipment

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