applesIt’s almost our favorite time of year. Can you guess it? Yep, that’s right…apple season! So with apples comes pressing season! Pressing is a crucial step in fruit and vegetable processing, which you already know all about. What is equally important is the set up and maintenance required to keep your Kreuzmayr equipment operating at its finest.


Before the craziness of apple season, it’s important to schedule maintenance on your press. What does this look like? Start by turning on all pieces of your pressing operation. Ensuring the machines are operating properly as well as inspecting the grease level on the bearings. Without proper upkeep, these have the potential to rust from leftover condensation or insufficient greasing. If you notice brown grease appearing, you may want to inspect the balls inside the bearing to ensure they are in good condition.rodger with elevatorrodger-holding-elevator-tension

Going through, make sure all functionality of your press is working such as the emergency stop, elevator tension, gearbox oil levels, automatic belt centering as well as the wash arm and its hose.

This may seem like extra work when you’re already preparing for a busy apple season but we assure you this should be mandatory. Being proactive about equipment maintenance can make a huge impact on the efficiency of your season. If you are in need of spare parts, it also gives you a window of time to receive these parts while not having to interrupt your press schedule. Check out our in-depth smart start checklist here.

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