Twisted Roots logo“On smaller press days I do it myself now. Or, if I have someone else helping I can step away and deal with other issues at the farm,” he says. “It takes about half the time now with the new press, and with two people vs. five. A 4,000-liter press takes us 6 hours with cleanup vs. almost 12 before.”

-Andrew Hefele of Twisted Roots Cider

embark cider logo“It was a really helpful process of elimination by having me check different things when they were as they should be, we moved on to different things it could be,”

-Chris Gowan of Embark Cider

“Remarkable! The Destoner just ate them as fast as you could throw them in!”

-Robin Felder of Monte Piccolo

bx press logo“This system allows for a lot of efficiencies. The mash is totally dry when it comes out. We are super pleased with the yield that we get out of it. It has really been a game-changer for us. It’s allowed us to grow our production and use more of our crop for our cider without totally exhausting ourselves and our staff.”

“For us, it has allowed us to double our production while decreasing the amount of work by a significant amount during the pressing season. We had grown from about 6,000 liters to 20,000 liters within a couple of years and we’re working on a good traditional 22-inch rack and cloth style press. The juice was good quality, it all worked fine, but it really took 4 people working it really hard…The amount of labor that went with it for the 20,000 liters was intense and would have been more for the 40,000 liters.”

-Missy Dobernigg of BX Press

healeo logo“It has helped our throughput. It has much more capacity and way better efficiency.”

Our capacity and our ability to go to a customer and say ‘Yes, we can!’ makes a big difference.

“It has allowed us to realize another level of business expansion to a private label.”

-Steven Davis of Healeo

Little Apple logo“We certainly noticed that the yields are higher, getting more juice from the same amount of fruit. And when you have more fruit to press, the whole process will be a lot more efficient because when you are setting up and breaking down for a small amount it’s a little more time-consuming but if you’re going to run more fruit, you’re still going to have the same amount of set up and clean up time.”

-Ron Bixby of Little Apple Cidery

Little Apple logo“Remo is incredibly responsive and provides unmatched virtual support. He often makes himself available to troubleshoot in real time, helping us get back up and running without serious production delays.”

-Hayley Shine of Little Apple Cidery

I can’t say enough good things about the fantastic team at Juicing Systems, Inc. At each step of the way from purchase to installation, Remo, Nathan, Madison and Rodger provided great support.

– Lydia Midness, Spring Brook Farm

grossen peaches logo“Remo and Nathan, thank you for your patience in helping troubleshoot our elevator during the holidays! I was quite surprised how fast we got the new motor all the way from Austria, that got us up and running! I also appreciated how you always got back to me right away even though we were in different time zones. Thanks again!”

– Mark Grossen, Grossen Peaches

Oak and apple

“Remo was awesome, got me back up and running over the phone. He knew the machinery so well that he had no problem directing me on how to fix it.”

– Christian Krapf, Oak and Apple Cider

1859 Cider logo“I have never had better customer service than what I have when working with Remo – he’s fantastic. I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so. Thank you for all your assistance!”
– Dan, 1859 Cider

knaebes logo“Remo is the man. We had a mishap when unloading the machinery and spare parts were on site a few days later.”
– Andrew Hefele, Mmmunchy Crunchy Orchard

hawknob logo“I’m quite happy with everything really. You run a tight ship!”
– Josh Bennet, Hawk Knob Cider

embark cider logo“Working with Remo at Juicing.Systems was a very good experience. He came out for a couple days to teach us how to run the new press and show us a few tweaks that could be made.”

Double Belt Press
Jake Lagoner – Embark Cider