This just in! We just re-stocked our warehouse full of equipment to reduce lead times. Having stock equipment allows you to get the right equipment when you need it. Please note, all stock equipment is configured for 220 V single-phase power. Here’s what we have available:

KEB 500 Pressing Line

KWEM Washer Elevator Grinder

The sister to our KEB 400 Belt Press, the 500 has increased capacity for fruit processing. With a larger elevator basin, integrated circulating pump and an extra pressing roller, the KEB 500 can process up to 2400 pounds of apples per hour. Yields can be expected of up to 750 liters per hour (195 gallons). The KEB 500 is perfect for growing businesses looking to produce raw juice at higher volumes.
Consists of:


KEB 500 Pressing Line with De Stoner Chute

The same pressing line as above with modifications made to the KWEM 2000 to allow the integration of our KEP 650 De Stoner for processing stone fruit such as cherries, peaches and more. The KEP 650 De Stoner is capable of processing up to 650 kilograms (1500 pounds) per hour into a coarse mash which is perfect for fermenting or can be further processed into a puree or juice.
Consists of:Destoner KEP 650

KKP 480 Chamber Pasteurizer

The Kreumayr KKP 480 Chamber Pasteurizer is perfect for those applications where a bath pasteurizer is not large enough, but production has not reached a scale that justifies the investment in a larger throughput solution such as a tunnel pasteurizer. Capable of pasteurizing up to 1200, 12 oz -16 oz cans per batch, the product is heated through direct steam injection into the chamber.
The KKP 480 we have in stock is configured to 208 V 3 phase power and comes with two sets of stackable pallets for containers up to 70 mm in diameter, and 170 mm in height.kreuzmayr-kkp-480-chamber-pasteurizer

  • Electronic regulation of pasteurization temperature and time
  • Requires 150 kg/hr of steam (330 lbs/hr) at 15 PSI
  • Adjustment of heating speed and temperature through simple controls

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