Single Belt Press

The automatic SINGLE BELT PRESS is the ideal machine for fruit processing. Designed for the extraction of juice from produce such as apples, pears, quinces, carrots (etc.); the fruit will be washed in a Kreuzmayr Washer / elevator / grinder machine (KWEM 1000 / 3000 / 5500)  transporting it up to the centrifugal crusher. The fruit pulp (mash) is transported onto the moving press-belt. An automatic control prevents the pulp in-feed hopper from over filling. Stone fruit like cherries, plums, apricots or peaches need to have their stones removed with a De-stoning machine (KEP 650 / 1000 / 1500) in order to produce a fragment free pulp ready for belt pressing.


Single Belt Press KEB 750
Single Belt Press KEB 750
  • Machine construction is stainless steel and food safe plastics
  • Sealed, grease-refillable roller bearings for the rollers
  • Variable adjustment control for mash thickness onto the belt
  • Variable belt speed controller
  • Variable belt pressure adjustment to suit different fruits
  • Automatic belt alignment regulator
  • Low maintenance, Easy cleaning
  • High pressure water jet continuous cleaning with fresh water to minimize press belt contamination
  • Low water consumption
  • Machine delivered ready to start
  • Simple to operate
  • Operator control panel can be either left or right side (optional)
  • Brush roller for cleaning the belt (for KEB 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1250)


Single Belt Press KEB 1000
Single Belt Press KEB 1000

The pulped mash is conveyed via the Washing-Pulping Mill or using a Mash Pump into the press In-feed hopper. The pulp is dispensed across the main pressing roller and between the belt to start the initial juice extraction. This pulp will be progressively squeezed to the maximum over a series of additional rollers and mash deflector blades to achieve an optimum juice yield of up to 75%. At the exit of the press, the pomace (mash) will be automatically scraped from the belt. A high pressure water jet cleaning device continually removes any remaining pulp particles from the press-belt, so that the belt is cleaned and ready to continue its pressing cycle.

The SINGLE BELT PRESSES are delivered “ready to operate”. After installing, leveling and connecting to the power supply and pressurized air supply, the plant is ready to start pressing. In order to adapt the SINGLE BELT PRESS to the different working conditions (different fruits and vegetables) the belt speed and pressure can be easily modified by the operator to suit the product condition. The machine is simple to clean.

Standard Design

    • Ready to operate complete system
    • Includes high pressure cleaner and air compressor
    • Solid construction
    • Minimum space required
    • Automated operation
    • Easy installation
belt press keb 500
Kreuzmayr Belt Press KEB 500
  • No additional reinforced floor treatment required
  • Manufactured stainless steel and food safe plastics
  • Heavy duty stainless steel bearings
  • High quality industrial design of pneumatic and electrical components
  • Variable speed regulator
  • Fast processing
  • Can be combined with existing equipment
  • CE certified
  • UL / CSA certified

Technical Data Single Belt Press

KEB 400 KEB 500 KEB 750 KEB 1000 KEB 1250 KEB 1500
Nominal capacity [kg produce/h] up to 700 up to 1000 up to 2000 up to 3000 up to 4000 up to 5000
Electric supply [V / Amp. / kW] 220/16/0.8 220/16/0.8 220/16/0.8 220/16/0.8 220/16/0.8 220/16/0.8
Required air press [bar] min 6 min 8 min 8 min 8 min 8 min 8
Space requirements [LxWxH mm] 1940x1140x1275  2220x1240x1420 2610x1450x1642 2750x1890x1690 2750x2140x1690 3500x2500x1690
Weight [kg] 480 650 1100 2300 2800 3500
Yield [in %] up to 72% up to 75% up to 75% up to 75% up to 75% up to 75%
Working width [mm] 338 438 688 900 1188 1438
Fill level feed tank [mm] 1275  1285 1500 1690 1690 1690
Mash output-height [mm] 770 770 945 900 900 900
Water consumption [liter/min.] 3 3 3 3 6 6
Belt speed infinitely variable infinitely variable infinitely variable infinitely variable infinitely variable infinitely variable

Because of our policy continually improving Kreuzmayr products, technical data and specifications contained herewith are not to be regarded as binding, but as a generally correct representation of our products.


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