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Single Belt Press 1250 with Washer/Elevator/Grinder

Fully refurbished KWEM5500 and KEB1250 Single Belt Press. 

KEB1250 Press
Originally built in 2017, this machine is currently stripped to the bones and will be refurbished from the ground up. All bearings, shaft seals, caps will be replaced. Wash arm bushings, cage lifting cylinders, brush segments, belt, pressure regulators, mash sensor and much more will all be replaced. 

Minor scratches and a weld on the intake is how you can see this is a used press. 
The machine will be fully tested in our facility and will be ready to go by August. 

1 Year Warranty on parts


This machine, also manufactured in 2017, has never been used. It was stored in a barn and has a few scratches and a dent in the electrical panel door. Other than that, it is in new condition. 


Up to 10,000 lbs/hour of apples. 


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