Introducing the Citrus Pressing / Orange Juice Line
The Kreuzmayr citrus/tropical pressing line can be used for oranges, pineapple, lemons, limes, kiwi and even papaya without changing parts. The output is about 2 tonnes/hour and includes everything you need from start to finish.

Step 1:
The bin dumper loads the fruit onto a sorting conveyor, where damaged and rotten fruit is sorted out.
It is then conveyed to a brush cleaner for a first brush and rinse.

After a bath it is conveyed up the elevator to the rasping machine, where the peels are removed so it’s oils won’t affect the taste of the orange juice.

Step 2:

After the rasping of the fruit, it is cleaned again on a brush cleaning station and sprayed with water.

Step 3:
From the brush cleaner, the fruit is sent to the fruit press. The discharge is seen here coming from the press. This has a 2000 kg/h throughput.
Did we mention any size of fruit works without changing parts?
Step 4:
The raw juice from the press is pumped through the juice finisher. The pulp is discharged out the back, while the juice collects in a pan below.
Step 5:

The Orange juice is now bottled and capped automatically. Upon request it can be pasteurized and hot filled.

Should you be interested in inquiring about such a orange juice line, please don’t hesitate to contact us or fill out a “Request a Quote” form