Why do your presses have continuous water usage as the press runs and why can I not recycle it?

This is part two of a three part series of articles addressing questions, myths, and misconceptions in processing fruit with a belt press.

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Q: My press doesn’t use water: Why do your presses have continuous water usage as the press runs and why can I not recycle it?   

Let’s start by talking about how much water our presses use:

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Yields of a Belt Press

Lets talk about belt presses!

Juicing Systems owners Kristen and Remo TrovatoAt Juicing.Systems we have been making juice for a long time. Over the years we have produced juice with a variety of systems, including a rack and cloth press. After many 14 hour days of juicing, we knew there had to be a better way to go about getting the juice out of our fruit. After looking around extensively, we wound up purchasing a Kreuzmayr belt press. Read the full story of Juicing.Systems.

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The Invisible Apple That Caused a Disruption

Embark Cider has been releasing its Dreamcicle series, a cider made with their farmhouse blend of apples and fermented with milk sugar, fresh peaches, apricots, and raspberries.Dreamcicle Cider Series by Embark Cider

When Embark is in full production, the machine is running non-stop. A halt to production would cause a serious setback.

When cider-maker Chris Gowan called to say the elevator was jammed, the service team (department) at Juicing.Systems knew it was time-sensitive.

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From Rack and Cloth to a Single Belt Press

Andrew Hefele was featured in Cider Culture as part of the history of cider making and his experience with the latest technology. We thought we would get a more in-depth look at what that transition was like changing from a rack and cloth system to a Kreuzmayr Single Belt Press for Andrew Hefele of Knaebe’s Mmmunchie Crunchie Apple Farm and Twisted Roots Cider, (as you can tell by their name, they have a lot of fun on their farm.) 

The Family Orchard

Andrew Hefele has accomplished a lot in 4 years since taking over the family orchard. He’s now running a successful cidery, Twisted Roots Cider, producing 36,000 litres a year, and has changed the family farm by growing new varieties of apples, attracting a younger crowd, and having a lot of fun with it.

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Hot Off the Press!

These cherries were processed using our KEP 650 Destoner and separated overnight using enzymes. The result? A beautiful 100% cherry juice!

A great way to make use of your seconds and cull fruit, the mash can also be used for brewing or distilling!

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