Room to Grow

Having too much fruit can’t be a problem, can it?Apple tree in an orchard

Well as it turns out, having an excess of fruit is a major problem for orchardists and fruit growers all over, as each piece of fruit that doesn’t reach a consumer is a cost to the producer.

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Installation-The Story of Two Joes & One Single Belt Press

CiderMeet Joe A. Pretty neat guy. He has ordered a Kreuzmayr Single Belt Press.

Setting up a cidery is a dream that Joe A has been working on for years. He’s perfected his craft cider recipe using a rack and cloth press in small quantities and now he’s ready for full production.

Joe A has chosen a single belt press from Juicing Systems to keep up with the upcoming demand. Joe is a smart guy and has done his homework to know that single belt presses have the high yields he’s looking for. Their continuous usage transforms production days from hard labor to consistent results while reducing labor hours.

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Stock Equipment Available Now!

This just in! We just re-stocked our warehouse full of equipment to reduce lead times. Having stock equipment allows you to get the right equipment when you need it. Please note, all stock equipment is configured for 220 V single-phase power. Here’s what we have available:

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Hot Off the Cold Press!

Healeo's lineup of cold press juice

Cold-pressed juice is here, and it’s not going anywhere.

Artisanal juices have carved a place in the health and wellness industry with a dedicated following ranging from health enthusiasts to Instagram influencers and everyone in between.

What exactly does cold-pressed mean?

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Diving Hard Core into the Cider Business

Scaling Up!

Cider apple in orchard

You have decided to jump in with both feet into your lifelong passion for cider and turn it into a business. You knew it was going to be a substantial amount of work, but no one had prepared you for navigating equipment logistics, production, and operations management!  Maybe you’ve started with a rack and cloth method or home brewing but you’re ready to take it to the next level of commercial cider production. Here’s where we enter, as we’ve been there too. In fact, we started a mobile juicing unit traveling to orchards all over the Okanagan so we know just how much work is involved with pressing the fruit. So much so, that we decided to help other cider makers and orchards with their processes and providing the cider making equipment using what we learned on our journey.

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