Introducing In-Line Packaging Systems to the Pacific Northwest.

This new bottling line includes: FillersCappersLabellers, Rinsers and Coders. In-Line Packaging Systems also provides solutions for many of your other bottling needs, including Rotary/Conveyor tables and Depalletizers.

These systems are designed to reduce labour while increasing or maintaining a high level of production.

Starting at $45,000, the 4-head fills and caps up to 24 bottles / minute.
These fillers can be delivered with 4, 6 or 8 heads, bringing the speed up to 36 bottles per minute.



Designed to apply one or two body labels to round containers.
It precisely controls web feed and placement by utilizing Spin-in-Place labeling techniques in addition to a stepper labeling drive.



Representing In-Line Packaging Systems in Four States + Four Provinces

Check out the full IN-LINE PACKAGING product line



Free Installation at CiderCon

Purchase your Juicing.Systems equipment, and  we’ll include the set up. 

Back by Popular Demand! We held a special last year at CiderCon and many have asked us about it, so we’ve brought it back for a second year.

Meet us at CiderCon and order within 2 weeks, and we’ll waive up to 3 days of installation charges from your new system. Up to $2250 in Value!

*Some restrictions apply. Installation only. Set up includes the daily rate of Juicing.Systems personnel within North America,  excluding cost of travel, accommodation and other expenses.

CiderCon 2018

cidercon 2018 baltimore

Interested in upgrading your pressing equipment this season?

Come and visit us in person at Booth #201! We will be at CiderCon 2018 in Baltimore. We will have machines on site, and answers to your questions.

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Putting your belt press to bed – a few easy steps

Fruit season is coming to an end and you’ve finished pressing apples (or other fruit) for the season, it’s time for a well earned rest for you and your belt press.

 Whether you prefer to do your deep clean now or in the spring, the team at Juicing.Systems has put together a few important steps in addition to your regular cleaning to ensure your press gets as clean as possible.

Cleaning the press and soaking the belt:

  1. Soak the belt in a sodium hydroxide solution to remove any leftover particulate which may be caught up in it, then pressure wash it. It should look bright blue when you have finished. We use a 2% solution with 20 grams of sodium hydroxide added per liter of warm water and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Spray any white plastic with the sodium hydroxide solution (we recommend using a spray bottle.) Let this sit for 15 minutes then rinse clean
  3. Include the rollers and juice pans in the sodium hydroxide clean, make them bright again!
  4. High pressure wash the machine, being careful not to pressure wash bearings, bearing seals and electrical components
  5. Inspect and replace bearings as needed at this time – Need to order more? Email us at
  6. Any sensors that may need replacing – now is a good time to order
  7. After cleaning your press, lubricate all bearings with a food safe grease

Here are some less obvious places to clean that can accumulate debris over the season. We’ve included pictures below of some of those forgotten spots (click to expand).


Remove screws and clean behind all covers. Debris can get caught under these shields through the gaps pictured.



It is also important to ensure the guard surrounding the belt washer is cleaned once the belt and waste water pan have been removed. This is hard to access with the belt on.




Lastly give all juice pans, trays, and removable parts a spray with the sodium hydroxide solution and thorough cleaning before putting them away for the winter.



If you have any questions about the pictures, or best practices for cleaning your press please feel free to give us a call at 250-938-7020.





Our new machine

The first of two trailers has arrived! It arrived packaged up in tinfoil, much like a Christmas present. Follow us, on Social Media as we unwrap and assemble it.


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