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Mobile Juice Container

The Kreuzmayr Mobile Juice Containter can easily be dropped off at the desired location and switched for another WAB (Exchange Platform Bridge). Due to this flexible construction, the truck is not prevented from leaving and can safely drive off the premise. The independent lowering of the working height and alignment allows for a safe and enduring stable position of the container.
With the folding down of the four support legs, the truck can be lowered through the venting of the bellows. From there it can then be driven out from beneath the structure. Advantages of this mobile container give way to an economical , flexible and unique solution. These features speak for the assembly as well. It is ready to use on-site, as it only requires a water and electrical connection. Designed entirely of stainless steel and aluminum and equipped with a high pressure compressor and cleaner. This makes the unit always usable, regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Our GKE Bin Tippers  empty your fruit bins into the washer system without any effort — making it an easy and efficient solution
  • The tipper is designed and constructed from stainless steel 
  • Inside the washing container, the fruit undergoes an intensive cleaning to remove bruising and dirt
  • A pump is integrated into the system to provide a re-circulation of water 
  • This allows for a gentle and effective cleaning
  • Once fruit has been efficiently cleaned, is is passed on directly without the use of any physical means
  • A food safe plastic conveyor with continuous speed settings navigates the fruit upwards
  • It is cleaned once again by water jets and then transported directly to the attached crushing system
  • This crushing system develops the mash for a brief and easy pressing in a sophisticated operation
  • Once the fruit has gone through the crushing procedures, the mash is passed along to the dosing box
  • The dosing box spreads it evenly on the sieve belt to be finally removed by a scraper once it has been pressed
  • The unique cylindrical profile and belt guide allow rotating pressure — and shearing pressure
  • This is to achieve a quick and efficient straining of the product, as well as highly attractive juice yields
  • To adapt theoperation for various working conditions (fruit & vegetable types), the speed of the belt can be varied as well as the crushing pressure to accomodate the user
  • Assembly may be constructed with different hourly performance settings if desired for individual performance requirements
  • Buffer tanks are utilized for the storage of the strained and pressed juice once pasteurization is complete
  • This acts as a buffer between the filling station for hygienic temporary storage to balance out different capacities
  • To process allows a consistently high quality product
  • The independent crushing and pasteurization procedures make for a steady and flexible working process
  • Freshly pressed juice is stored in the stainless steel tanks and from there then transported to the pasteurization assembly
  • The product undergoes a vitamin conserving pasteurization process by means of a short and gentle heating to about 80°C in a heat exchanger
  • This pasteurization process takes place as the juice is automatically taken from the buffer tank
  • While still hot, the juice is pumped into Bag-in-Box pouches
Technical Data for Mobile Juice Container





Power Supply


60 m³/h

2,20 kW
3.000 kg/h
4,00 kW
Electric Pneumatic
3.000 kg/h
2,00 kW
Storage Tanks
2 x 800 liter
2 x 800 liter
2.000 litre/h
2,70 kW
TEC 500
Electric Pneumatic
500 x 5 litre/h
2,00 kW
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“Remo and Nathan, thank you for your patience in helping troubleshoot our elevator during the holidays! I was quite surprised how fast we got the new motor all the way from Austria, that got us up and running! I also appreciated how you always got back to me right away even though we were in different time zones. Thanks again!” – Mark Grossen, Grossen PeachesRead More…

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