Labeler Model 1200SP

labelerIn the fully automatic labeler 1200SP we have combined the speed of our WebMaster 1000 and the accuracy and bottle control of our model 500 to produce a labeler that is truly unique. The 1200SP automatic labeler is designed for accuracy and speed for both one or two label applications on round containers.
By utilizing Spin-In-Place labeling techniques coupled with a stepper-driven applicator, the 1200SP keeps precise tension on the web and provides stable bottle control at the point of application. This combination assures accurate labeling and virtually eliminates label skewing. Spin-In-Place labeling
means that the label starting point is referenced from the wall of the container instead of the base, which
is generally a better reference point.

Note that for two label applications (front and back) the labels must be alternating from the same web.  This machine also is capable of applying a neck label.


  • Label 1” to 5” diameter containers
  • Apply labels from 1” to 4 ½” tall and 14” long
  • Label can be moved up to 5” from base of container
  • Accepts random or continuous bottle feed
  • Changeovers require no tools and take less than 10 minutes
  • The Gripper Plates are designed to bottle diameter
  • Labeling speeds to 100 containers per minute, one label only
  • Ratio the labeling speed versus the bottle surface speed
  • Accepts industry standard 3” diameter core
  • Maximum label roll size of 12”
  • Photoeye product detection and photoeye gap detection
  • Save up to 25 label/bottle recipes in the control


  • Hot Stamp coding for lot/date information
  • Tall Label Kit for labels up to 7 ½” tall
  • Extra Tall Label Kit for labels up to 7 ½ tall
  • Wrap Station permits labeling of round containers  with a single label
  • Neck Label Kit to apply neck labels to round containers


  • Conveyor width/height/length: 4 ½” / 32” Standard (+2” up) / 72”
  • Overall machine width/height: 52” / 42”
  • Overall machine weight: 350 pounds
  • Power requirements: 120 volt AC, 5 amps power
  • Compressed air: 3-4 cfm @ 65 psi required