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Juicing.Systems at CiderCon 2022!

Do you know what’s got us smiling like a little kid in a candy store? Can you start to guess? 

I’ll give you a hint. It’s the Comic-Con for folks crazy about cider. Yes, you know the one, it’s CiderCon!

One of the reasons it has a special place in our hearts is because it gives us the chance to connect with the cider community face to face. It is ripe with the opportunity to meet new people and rekindle connections with those we haven’t seen in a while. We’ll be there with smiles on at booth #304!

CiderCon cider tasting
Photo credit: Cider Culture
cidercon attendees
Photo credit: Cider Culture

As some of you may remember, CiderCon 2021 was the very first virtual event in the history of CiderCons! It gave us hope for the future of events and allowed us to participate all while being in the comfort of our homes and offices. 

While we were more than grateful to see this event successfully transform into the remote world, we couldn’t help but reminisce about cider shares, mingling and all the joys of sharing space with the cider community.

That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to be attending the in-person CiderCon 2022, held in the beautiful Richmond, Virginia! Do you have your ticket yet? If not, make sure to register by clicking here.

Have you been wanting to know more about juicing, pasteurizing or processing fruit and vegetables? Here’s your chance to ask those juicy questions and get your answers in person by visiting booth #304

pouring cider at CiderCon
Photo credit: Cider Culture

We will be at booth #304 with three of our crew from Juicing.Systems. You will have the chance to meet Remo, owner/operator who knows the machines so well he can fix just about any issue that comes his way! 

Next up is our sales manager, Nathan, whose great attention to detail paired with an intense knowledge of each system allows him to make anyone feel at ease. 

Last up, our newest member in the sales world is Madison! Our marketing manager has decided to take the leap and create a new hybrid role of sales and marketing. This will be her first CiderCon so make sure to give her a warm CiderCon welcome!

In a sneak peek, we will be going live on Instagram with Michelle and the  American Cider Association on January 27th at 1PM PST to chat about this upcoming CiderCon, our company, and more! 

Go to @pickcider (or just click HERE!) on Instagram on January 27th at 1PM PST, you won’t want to miss it!


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