Jam Kettle

Jam Kettle KMK150The jam kettle is an all-purpose machine for producing high-quality products such as jam, marmelade and jellies. Furthermore the kettle can also be used for dissolving sugar, cooking tea, etc.


  • The machine is made entirely of stainless steel
  • Plug-in compact unit
  • Ready-to-use delivery
  • Quick and even heating through integrated mixer
  • No scorching due to the water heated kettle wall
  • Quick and complete emptying through the central disc valve on the bottom


Thanks to the compact stainless steel construction and the integrated mixer, various stirring- and mixing processes can be carried out. The water-bath kettle is heated by 2 electric heating cartridges. An insulated casing prevents any heat from escaping.

Easy Operation

After filling the water jacket with water, the kettle is ready to operate. The electric heater heats the water bath to the set temperature and keeps it constant. With the integrated mixer, the product is evenly heated and mixed. After the cooking process, the kettle can be easily emptied with the disc valve on the bottom.

Technical Data Jam Kettle

KMK 150 KMK 250 KMK 400
Nominal output [kg/h] 150 250 400
Power Supply (kW) 18,0 Steam Steam
Electrical Connection (V/60 Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs
Dimensions (mm) [DepthxWidthxHeight] 1000x1600x1540 1500x1800x1540 1900x1800x1540
Weight (Kg) 240 400 650