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Jam Kettle KMK

The Kreuzmayr Jam Kettle is an all-purpose solution for creating high-quality jam, marmalade and jellies. Additionally, the kettle can also be utilized for dissolving sugars, cooking tea etc.

  • The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel
  • Compact, plug-in unit 
  • Delivered ready to operate
  • Fast and even heating through the integrated mixer
  • Water heated wall makes for no scorching
  • Quick and complete emptying through the central disc valve on the bottom of unit

Once the water jacket is filled with water, the kettle is ready for use. The electric heater warms the water bath to the desired temperature and keeps it constant. The integrated mixer keeps the produce evenly heated and mixed. Once the cooking process is finished, the kettle can be easily emptied with the disc valve on the bottom.

  • Compact stainless steel contruction
  • Integrated mixer with various stirring & mixing
  • Water bath kettle is heated by two electric heating cartridges 
  • Insulated casing prevents any heat from escaping
KMK250 Jam Kettle
KMK250 Jam Kettle
Technical Data KMK Jam Kettle

KMK 150

KMK 250

KMK 400

Nominal Output (kh/h)
Power Supply (kW)
Electrical Connection (V/60 Hz)

208-480V depending on your needs

Dimensions (mm) (Depth x Width x Height)
1000 x 1600 x 1540
1500 x 1800 x 1540
1900 x 1800 x 1540
Weight (kg)
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