Inline Bottle Filler

Inline Bottle Filler
Inline Bottle Filler

The Kreuzmayr fully automatic inline bottle filler is designed so that the filler necks with adjustable height can fill different sized bottles. Due to the exact measuring by the flow sensor, you achieve a high accuracy of filling. With this machine we have set a milestone in the range filling assemblies. The filling of bottles works either with gravity or pump. It is available with 6 or 8 head fillers.


  • Higher product output
  • Less space requirement
  • Large assortment of bottles possible
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Very safe and low maintenance
  • No overflow of liquids

Easy Operation

The bottling units are devised for operation by a single individual. With the user-friendly touch display, you can adjust the desired settings for the filling. The empty bottles are placed under the filler pipes via a conveyor belt. The filling valve opens and the liquid flows from the buffer tank into the bottles through the flowing pressure. When the set filling volume is reached, the filling valve closes and the flow is automatically stopped.


The unit consists of a stable basic frame, completely closed, with removable stainless steel sheathing. It operates with automatic intake and individually adjustable filling volume. The controlling is done through the attached control box with a swivel arm. A protective housing made of transparent Lexan with safety doors complies with all CE/CSA/UL requirements.

Technical Data Inline Bottle Filler

6 Head 8 Head
Nominal output [1 liter bottles/h] 1200 liter/h 1600 liter/hour
Electric supply [V / Amp. / kW] 208V-480V upon request
Required air press [bar] min 7 min 7
Space requirements [LxWxH mm] 2750x950x1900 3250x950x1900
Weight [kg] 350 400
Bottle sizes [ml] 200-2000 200-2000

Because of our policy continually improving Kreuzmayr products, technical data and specifications contained herewith are not to be regarded as binding, but as a generally correct representation of our products.