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Industrial Juicing Equipment Planning for Harvest 2022

Hey there. Thanks for clicking on this blog post. 

How has your harvest been? Long, tiring, fruit-tastic, exciting, wet, all of the above?

However it’s going, we applaud your hard work! The real reason we wrote this is to give you a gentle reminder that even though we are just wrapping up the harvest season now, there has never been a better time to think about next year’s harvest.

You might be thinking, ‘whoa now, hold your horses Juicing.Systems! I’m up to my eyeballs in this year’s apples, I’m not ready to start thinking about 2022!’

We get it.

Trust me. Our sister company, Okanagan Mobile Juicing, is pressing upwards of 60 bins of apples per day [insert jaw drop here]!

A Global Problem

But, here’s the situation. The world is experiencing supply chain issues and this extends to the shipping landscape as well. We have seen extended lead times which unfortunately we have no control over. 

Any-who, before we go all doom and gloom on you, we want to say this global situation doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t let it.

Well Juicing.Systems, what do you mean by that ominous-sounding statement? 

Mobile Trailer outfitted with the KWEM2000 Washer Elevator Grinder, KEB 750 Single Belt Press with pasteurizer and bag-in-box filler

Looking Forward

We are kindly reminding all members of our fruit pressing community to start thinking about the types of equipment they require for the upcoming harvest season. 

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to upgrade your grinder to fit your press? Or, your business has grown (big congrats!) and your current press just isn’t squishing fast enough!

Either way, we want to alert our customers to be proactive with their equipment planning. This way, we can work collaboratively and decide what equipment is the right fit. This ensures we are giving lots of time for delivery on your schedule with breathing room to allow for the extended timelines we are seeing. 

Kreuzmayr KEB500 Single Belt Press at Bee Well Mead & Cider

Stocked Up with Juicy Gems

Delivering on your timeline is important to us, so we cannot stress enough the importance of planting the seeds of next year’s equipment planning!

How else can we help to mitigate the effects of the current shipping landscape? 

We currently have some juicing equipment stock ready to be delivered to your operation. The reason we do this is to eliminate lead times to get you pressing when you’re ready.

Ready to find out what juicy gems are available in our warehouse now? Click HERE. 

See the ‘apple of your eye‘ piece of equipment? Let’s talk about it! Book now for a free 15-minute consultation and make your next harvest season planning a breeze. 

Not quite ready to take the leap? No worries! Read here about how one of our belt presses outshone two Squeezebox style presses at Kauffman Fruit Farm.

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