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Work Less While Getting More Out of Your Apples

If I said you could press more apples, get higher yields, all while working less, you’d want to know how right?

Well, lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

Cidermaking can mean grueling hours of manual labor only to receive minimal yields. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We have partnered with clients all over North America to ensure they’re getting the most out of their apples with our hard cider brewing equipment.

Yes, Tell Me More!

We work with an Austrian manufacturer, Kreuzmayr, who designed the belt presses and other cider brewing equipment we offer. Belt presses are one of the most efficient systems for juice extraction. The high tension belts take the ground pomace and squeezes it repeatedly to collect the juice in the pan below it.

Our belt press requires minimal supervision and allows the user to juice in a continuous process. This is what sets it apart from other presses which demand a batch process, such as an accordion press.

The high tension belts ensure an impressive yield as they squeeze the mash over a large surface area. That high yield is directly tied to your bottom line so the higher yield you receive, the more profitable your product can be.

Full Cidery Packages Available

In addition to our belt presses, we offer full equipment lines to ensure your production capabilities are as efficient as possible. Our infeed equipment includes brush cleaners as well as sorting conveyors. For filling equipment, we work with an American supplier who provides automated solutions for bottling, canning, labeling, and more. To increase shelf life and distribution capabilities, we offer both bath and chamber pasteurizers. Request a quote to receive more info!

More Cider Equipment Resources

Read the story here of how we helped scale up the operations at BC Tree Fruits. Initially, they invested in one KEB 750 Single Belt Press but demand for their cider grew so fast they could hardly keep up. A good problem to have! They added a second KEB 750 but once again exceeded their production targets. This led to us buying back both Single Belt Presses so they could invest in a Double Belt Press K2B 1500. This allows them to press up to 27,500 lbs/hr (12,500 kg/hr). Talk about crushing it!

Or, how about transforming a cidery operation from rack and cloth to belt press? Learn more about how we took a cidery producing 6000 L a year to 40,000 L a year here!

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