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growing your cider business

Stage One Small Cider Operation

Unlock the secrets to growing your cidery business and achieving marketing success at every stage of growth! From humble beginnings on a shoestring budget to thriving as an established producer, our expert guidance has you covered. Explore the three stages of cider business growth and extract valuable insights to supercharge your venture. Get ready to take your cidery business to new heights with Sunny’s game-changing strategies and proven tactics.

In this stage you are a cidery with little to no marketing budget and a product yet to hit the market. This stage demands a solid foundation and strategic direction. Start by asking key questions about customer acquisition, delivering exceptional products and services, and expanding beyond the initial production phase. Remember, storytelling is paramount. Your brand’s story, inspiration, and goals must captivate your audience. Craft attention-grabbing messaging that sets you apart from competitors and communicates the transformation your customers will experience with your cider.

Grassroots efforts and collaborations are crucial at this stage. Start small by building relationships with mixologists, partnering with local organizations, participating in farmers’ markets, and engaging with influencers in the wine, food, and lifestyle domains. While focusing on your local market, establish an online presence to reach a wider audience through e-commerce. Consider creating cider clubs or implementing direct-to-consumer sales to enhance the customer journey and strengthen your brand.

Stage Two Medium sized Cider Operation

This stage introduces a cider maker with an established product and a modest marketing budget. As you transition from a startup to an established company, it’s crucial to have core values, a defined company culture, and a strong brand identity. Avoid hiring too many salespeople too soon. Instead, focus on setting clear revenue goals and assessing whether your current team can handle them or if it’s time to hire. Avoid chasing mass-market distribution without considering its alignment with your brand vision and the substantial marketing budget required.

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Side Note: Cider Alert

Embrace the power of narrowing your target audience. Don’t be afraid to focus on a specific market segment. Remember, successful brands like 19 Crimes wine have thrived by resonating with a niche audience, even if it defied initial expectations. Emotionally connecting with your ideal customers is key to driving sales and building a strong brand identity. So, accept the challenge and narrow your focus for greater success.

Seeking capital becomes essential in this stage. Investors look for a quality product, a compelling story, and a clear path to profitability. Have a well-defined plan, realistic forecasts, and a comprehensive business strategy when presenting to investors. Be prepared to answer detailed questions and demonstrate coachability. Remember that seeking capital often means giving up equity in your company, so weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Stage Three Lager Cider Operation

In the third and final stage, you’ve established a significant market share and are focused on scaling your business. Prioritize innovation by overcoming barriers to collaboration and seeking fresh perspectives from outside your industry. Differentiate between growth and scaling, ensuring your growth outpaces expenses. Reconnect with your initial motivations, prioritize employee loyalty, and provide excellent quality while adapting to unforeseen scenarios. Delegate tasks to free up time for strategic activities and concentrate on scaling, developing relationships, and aligning new products with your brand and values.

By following these suggestions in each stage, you’ll pave the way for a successful cider business. Remember, stay committed, refine your approach, and adapt as you move closer to achieving your long-term goals.

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Cheers to your cider business success!

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