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Gravity Overflow Filler

Our fillers from Inline-Pack Packaging Systems employ gravity for your filling needs. The 8 Head Gravity Overflow Filler can be utilized for bottle sizes ranging up to 3.5" diameter.

For the 8 Head Gravity Filler:

  • Based on the fill-to-level principle
  • Model GO-8 delivers a quantity of flow-able liquid into the container until it reaches an adjustable fill height
  • 6″ touchscreen allows for the fine tuning of all manual and automatic functions
  • This includes a functionality for saved recipes for a variety of packages and supports cleaning protocol through full manual control of each device
  • 8″ centralized stainless steel main conveyor is included with variable speed control and super-clean conveyor ends for quick and simple transitions

With the 8 Head Gravity Filler, it is ideal for a large assortment of product and container types. The Model GO-8 Gravity Filler begins with eight 316 SS mechanical filling nozzles mounted for the complete adjustment to bottle sizes ranging up to 3½” diameter. Pneumatic escapement gates regulate the containers while neck guides manage the container opening. Automatic level control using ultrasound sensors provide the product level (and thus fill time) are carefully controlled in both the product and overflow tank.

A stainless drip tray warrants clean transitions between containers. A modular built-in 42″ Feed Table and conveyor ends bolt onto the main filling conveyor to ensure precision and accuracy throughout. 

The integrated container rinser can be added to the infeed to wash containers before filling. Alternatively, an air cleaner can be installed to the infeed to wash out containers with air. 

8-Head gravity overflow filler.
8-head Gravity Overflow Filler
Technical Data Gravity Overflow Fillers

8 Head Gravity Filler

Conveyor Width


Conveyor Height

36" standard (+/-2") can be varied per specific application

Conveyor Length


Overall Machine Height


Overall Machine Length


Overall Machine Weight 

900 lbs

Power Requirements

120 volt AC, 60 cycle, 10AMP

Compressed Air

65 psi @ 3-4 cfm


“Remo was awesome, got me back up and running over the phone. He knew the machinery so well that he had no problem directing me on how to fix it.” – Christian Krapf, Oak and Apple CiderRead More…

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