From Rack and Cloth to a Single Belt Press – the ins and outs of changing

Cider making has come a long ways from the labour intensive pushing, pulling, mashing, grinding, rolling set ups (shall we go on?) to the push of a button with the latest technology. Many of us know of the rack-and-cloth method, but before that there was the screw press and stone mill.
Cider Culture covers the historical methods in their latest Cider Culture article, along with a customer of ours who switched from using a Rack and Cloth press to a Single Belt Press in 2017.  Andrew Hefele of Knaebe’s Mmmunchie Crunchie Apple Farm and Twisted Roots Cider, (as you can tell by their name, they have a lot of fun on their farm.) He tells about the ins and outs of switching over to the Kreuzmayr equipment with his set up of a GKE Bin Tipper, KWEM 1000 and the single-belt-press KEB 500.
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