Financing / Leasing

Leasing guide Leasing your equipment is a smart way of expanding your business without compromising cash flow. Click the right hand image to compare the different payment types and features (Lease, Loan, Cash). If that is not enough, here are a few good reasons to lease:

  • 100% Financing. Leasing covers 100% of the equipment cost with room to add soft costs including training, installation, and maintenance.
  • No Down Payment. A security deposit of some sort (to two months rental payments) is usually all that is required.
  • Flexibility. Customize a lease to fit your particular situation with skip payments or seasonal payments.
  • Use inflation to your advantage. If you pay cash for your equipment, you pay with today’s dollars at today’s value. Through leasing, you pay with next year’s inflated dollars, and the next, and the next.
  • Increase profits immediately. With leasing, you only need to cover the monthly payment for the new equipment to be profitable from the first month. Example of the cost effectiveness of a lease: A monthly payment of $500 divided by 30 days = a daily cost of only $16.67! Divide $16.67 by 8 work-day hours to get an hourly cost of $2.08!
  • Preserve bank credit lines. Leasing doesn’t affect your bank borrowing limits. You still have 100% of your credit available.
  • Avoid obsolescence. Upgrade Leases are easy with most modern equipment always available. Turn in your existing equipment on a trade-in to get the latest equipment.
  • Conserve working capital. Cash isn’t tied up in equipment; it’s free for income producing investments.
  • Leases may have accounting benefits. Monthly payments may be deductible as operating expenses rather than accounting for the equipment as an asset.