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Economy Overflow Filler

The Economy Overflow Filler from Inline Packaging Systems employs gravity with a 4 or 6 head filling option.

For the 4 or 6 Economy Overflow Filler:

  • Product aligner engages the necks of each container and centers it under each fill nozzle
  • Fill tubes will be opened and as air exits, product will flow in from the product tank
  • Fill-to-level principle controlled by position of the vent tube
  • Cycle is time controlled and fully adjustable
  • Excess product is recirculated into the product tank

For the 4 or 6 Head Gravity Filler, the containers enter the gravity filler area in groups. Once the last container in the batch passes the mounted counting sensor, a pneumatic gate will engage an prevent other containers from interfering in the filling process. From this point, a product aligner engages the necks of each container, centering it under each fill nozzle which then the nozzles will lower into the opening of each container. Once securely seated on the bottle opening, the fill tubes will be opened. Once the air exits the container, product will flow in from the product tank. The fill level in each container is controlled by the position of the vent tube, making it a fill-to-level principle.

Economy filler sold by Juicing.Systems
Economy Filler
Technical Data Economy Overflow Fillers

4 or 6 Head Gravity Filler

Conveyor Width


Conveyor Height

36" standard (+/-2") can be varied per specific application

Conveyor Length


Overall Machine Height


Overall Machine Length


Overall Machine Weight 

900 lbs

Power Requirements

120 volt AC, 60 cycle, 10AMP

Compressed Air

65 psi @ 3-4 cfm

Higher Yields

“We certainly noticed that the yields are higher, getting more juice from the same amount of fruit. And when you have more fruit to press, the whole process will be a lot more efficient because when you are setting up and breaking down for a small amount it’s a little more time-consuming but if you’re going to run more fruit, you’re still going to have the same amount of set up and clean up time.” -Ron Bixby of Little Apple CideryRead More…

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