Drying Cabinet

Fruit Drying Cabinet

The drying cabinet is an all-purpose machine for drying sliced fruits and vegetables. A blanching time in which the contents of the drying chamber are heated to the set temperature can be pre-specified. After reaching this temperature, the actual drying process with controlled air circulation begins.


  • Electric- or warm-water heater and temperature control
  • Time-control with steaming function
  • Various process parameters can be specified
  • Plug-in compact unit
  • Optimal heat recovery
  • Optional teflon-matts prevent sticking during drying process


The drying chamber is 100 millimetersDrying Cabinet thick, insulated, and properly sealed. The casing, frame, and product range are made completely of stainless steel. The ventilation components are made of galvanized sheet steel.

Easy Operation

The products to be dried are placed on the trays and pushed into the dryer. The process parameters are set and the drying process is started. After reaching the pre-set degree of moisture in the chamber or after the set drying time is reached, the drying chamber shuts off automatically.

Technical Data Fruit Drying Cabinet

OTS 4 OTS 11 OTS 22
Nominal Input (KG apples / ~10h) 15 60 120
Drying Surface [m²] 4 11 22
RatedPower Supply (kW) 4.75 6.75 7.5
Electrical Connection (V /60Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs
Dimensions (mm) [DepthxWidthxHeight] 1600x1075x600 2100x1850x1500 900x1850x1500
Weight (Kg) 120 190 250