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Drying Cabinet

The Kreuzmayr Drying Cabinet is an all-purpose mechanism for drying sliced vegetables and fruit. A blanching time in which the contents of the drying chamber are heated to the desired set temperature can be pre-specified. Once reaching this temperature, the drying process complete with controlled air circulation begins.

  • Electric or warm-water heater and temperature control
  • Time control with the steaming function
  • Variety of process parameters for unique operations
  • Plug and play compact design
  • Optimal heat recovery
  • Optional teflon-mats prevent sticking during the drying process

The products meant to be dried are placed on the trays and pushed into the dryer. The process parameters are set depending on your specifications and then the drying procedure begins. Once achieving the pre-set degree of moisture in the chamber or once the set drying time is completed, the drying chamber shuts off automatically. 

  • 100 mm thick
  • Insulated and properly sealed
  • The casing, frame and product range is made up completely of stainless steel
  • Ventilation components are made of galvanized sheet steel
Technical Data OTS Fruit Drying Cabinet


OTS 11

OTS 22

Nominal Input (kg apples/∼10 h)


Drying Surface (m²)

Rated Power Supply (kW)
Electrical Connection (V/60Hz)

208-480V depending on your needs

Dimensions (mm) (Depth x Width x Height)
1600 x 1075 x 600
2100 x 1850 x 1500
900 x 1850 x 1500
Weight (kg)
Double our production while decreasing the amount of work

“This system allows for a lot of efficiencies. The mash is totally dry when it comes out. We are super pleased with the yield that we get out of it. It has really been a game-changer for us. It’s allowed us to grow our production and use more of our crop for our cider without totally exhausting ourselves and our staff.” “For us, it has allowed us to double our production while decreasing the amount of work by a significant amount during the pressing season. We had grown from aboutRead More…

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