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Double Belt Press

The automatic Double Belt Press K2B is constructed for the extraction of juice from a variety of produce such as apples, pears, berries, watermelon, vegetables etc. The pulped mash is transported via the KWEM Elevator/Washer/Grinder or a Mash Pump into the press hopper. Both the width and height of the cake laid onto the press can be adjusted. The mash is then continuously expelled on the pre-pressing zone and optimized for the main pressing to ensure the highest quality of the juice. The mash moves to the main pressing roller and from there to consecutively smaller rollers to achieve optimal juice yields.
At the exit of the press, the mash is automatically scraped, and to minimize clean up time, the belt is cleaned by high-pressure water jet cleaning devices. This continually removes any remaining particulates from the press-belt which makes the belt clean and ready to continue its pressing cycle. Fresh or circulating water can be used for belt cleaning.

Ready to grow? Read our article on how a client utilized our K2B to scale to increase their yields by 10% here!

  • Made of food grade synthetic materials and stainless steel
  • Easy lubrication of the roller bearings
  • Automatic belt regulator
  • Simple cleaning procedures
  • Can be delivered ready to operate
  • Easy handling
  • Choice of right or left side for operator control panel
  • CIP add-on possible
  • Fresh or re-circulation water for belt cleaning possible

The produce that is washed the Kreuzmayr KWEM Washer/Elevator/Grinder is transported up to the centrifugal crusher. The fruit mash is expelled onto the continual moving press-belt. An automatic control prevents overfilling of the hopper.  Stone fruit such as cherries, plums, apricots or peaches must have their stones removed with a Destoner (KEP 1500 or KEP 2500) to ensure a fragment free mash that is ready to be put onto the belt for pressing.

The Double Belt Press can be adapted to a variety of fruit and vegetable types. The belt speed and press force can be adjusted for these varieties as needed.

The machine is easy to clean by one person. The juice trays and pans can be removed easily without requiring tools.  

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Single large closed main straining roller
  • 7 main pressing rollers
  • 7 high pressure pressing rollers
  • 2 repressing rollers, separately variable
  • Electrically powered with variable speed control
  • Extended pre-pressing zone guarantees gentle pressing to provide the best quality of juice
  • Maximum pressing capacity with minimal size ratio
  • Pan, juice baffle, and dosing station can be removed without requiring tools
  • Integrated high pressure belt cleaning
  • Brush cleaning for both upper and lower belt
  • Belt tension and belt regulation are pneumatic and infinitely adjustable
  • Choice of right or left mounted operation controls
K2B1500 Double Belt Press

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Technical Data K2B Double Belt Press
Nominal Capacity (kg produce/h)
up to 3,500
up to 7,500
up to 10,000
up to 12,500
up to 17,500
3 Phase Electric Supply (V/kW)
Required Air Press (bar)
Space Requirements (LxWxH mm)
Weight (kg)
Yield (in %)
up to 80%
up to 80%
up to 80%
up to 80%
up to 80%
Working Width (mm)
Water Consumption (liter/hr)
Belt Speed
Infinitely variable
Infinitely variable
Infinitely variable
Infinitely variable
Infinitely variable
Double our production while decreasing the amount of work

“This system allows for a lot of efficiencies. The mash is totally dry when it comes out. We are super pleased with the yield that we get out of it. It has really been a game-changer for us. It’s allowed us to grow our production and use more of our crop for our cider without totally exhausting ourselves and our staff.” “For us, it has allowed us to double our production while decreasing the amount of work by a significant amount during the pressing season. We had grown from aboutRead More…

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