Double Belt Press

Area of Application

The automatic DOUBLE BELT PRESS K2B is designed for the extraction of juice from produce. Ideally produce like apples, pears, quinces, carrots etc. will be washed in a Kreuzmayr elevator/washer transporting it up to the centrifugal crusher. The fruit pulp (mash) is transported onto the moving press-belt. An automatic control prevents the pulp inside the hopper from over filling. Stone fruit like cherries, plums, apricots or peaches need to have their stones removed with a destoning machine (KEP 1500 or KEP 2500) in order to produce a fragment free pulp ready for belt pressing.


  • The machine is completely made of stainless steel and food safe synthetic material

    Kreuzmayr Double Belt Press K2B
    Kreuzmayr Double Belt Press K2B
  • Easy local lubrication of the mounting of the rollers
  • Automatic belt regulator
  • Very low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Machine delivered ready to start
  • Easy handling
  • Operator control panel can be either left or right side


The pulped mash is conveyed via the Elevator/Washer/Grinder or using a Mash Pump into the press hopper. Via an application and dosing station (here the width and the height can be adjusted) the mash is going to be continuously applied on the belt. This pre-pressed mash is going to be optimized for the main pressing zone. The mash is transferred over the main pressing roller to progressively smaller rollers for optimum juice yield.

Double belt press K2B 750
Double belt press K2B 750

At the exit of the press, the pomace (mash) will be automatically scraped and the belt will be cleaned by a high pressure water jet cleaning device, which continually removes any remaining pulp particles from the press-belt, so that the belt is clean and ready to continue its pressing cycle.

The Double Belt Press is delivered “ready to operate”. In order to adapt the Double Belt Press to the different working conditions (different fruits and vegetables) the belt speed and pressure can be easily modified by the operator to suit the product condition.

The machine is simple to clean after the work process, easily by one person. The mash deflectors can be easily removed (no tools are needed).

Standard Design

Double Belt Press K2B
Double Belt Press K2B
  • With stainless steel frame
  • 1 big closed main straining roller
  • 7 main pressing rollers
  • 7 high pressure pressing rollers
  • 2 repressing rollers, separately variable
  • Electronically powered with infinitely adjustable speed control
  • Long prepressing zone guarantees gentle pressing and the best quality of the juice
  • Maximal pressing capacity with minimal size ratio
  • Pan, Juice baffle and dosing station can be removed without tools
  • Integrated high pressure belt cleaning
  • Brush cleaning for upper and lower band
  • Tape tension and belt regulation pneumatic are infinitely adjustable
  • Operation side left or right Standard

Technical Data Double Belt Press K2B

K2B 750 K2B 1000 K2B 1250 K2B 1500
Nominal capacity [kg produce/h] up to 3’500 up to 7’500 up to 10’000 up to 15’000
Electric supply [V / Amp. / kW] 208-480/16/3 208-480/16/4.4 208-480/16/5.4 208-480/16/5.4
Required air press [bar] 8 8 8 8
Space requirements [LxWxH mm] 3400x1450x1650 3730x2022x2692 3730x2272x2692 3730x2522x2692
Weight [kg] 1500 3000 3500 4000
Yield [in %] up to 80% up to 80% up to 80% up to 80%
Working width [mm] 688 800 1050 1300
Water consumption [liter/hour] 720 900 1800 1800
Belt speed Infinitely variable Infinitely variable Infinitely variable Infinitely variable