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Depalletizer / Conveyor / Rotary Product Table

Streamline your post-fill operations with our Depalletizer, Conveyor Product Table and Rotary Product Table. Designed with integrity and durability.

Are you in need of an efficient way to prepare pallets of bottles for the infeed into your filling operation?

This machine operates to feed half-stack pallets into the depalletizer. Using an operator interface the pallets can be adjusted to the correct level, to propel the bottles onto the feed table. A photoeye automates the pusher and conveyor for each round of bottles.

The Semi-Automatic Depalletizer is operator run. The operating time for each layer is ranging between 10 and 15 minutes. The unload time for each layer (this is the average time to raise the pallet and push the layer) is less than one minute. This frees up the operator to be available for other tasks at hand. 

Are production line bottlenecks giving you a headache? Maybe you need additional in-line storage capacity?

These high quality accumulation tables are composed from the same aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel used in our popular line of labeling machines. 

Parts are completed with a durable stainless steel coating. Standard tables are powered by an independent, variable speed DC motor that pushes the conveyor chain slightly faster than our labelers. Each table is controlled by an independent on/off push button. 

The Rotary Product Table is the perfect solution for both your product infeed as well as collection needs. It is comprised of the same steel and stainless steel used in our popular line of labeling machines. The frame is completed with a enduring stainless steel coating. 

The Rotary Product Table is powered by a 1/8 hp variable speed DC motor. A separate on/off control button allows it to be compeltely independent from the other machines. This makes it a highly versatile addition to any product line. 

Technical Data Depalletizer/Conveyor Table/Rotary Table

Sorting & Organizing

Semi-Automatic Depalletizer

Conveyor Product Table

Rotary Product Table

Half-stack pallets
In-line storage


Adjustable decline conveyor from 46" to 32"
Aluminum and stainless steel frame construction
Mild steel and stainless steel frame construction
4x5 Feed table and pusher
Variable speed
Variable speed
Auto start and stop by photoeyes
FDA approved conveyor belt
Three color stack light to alert personnel once complete
Up to 12" increments


48" Long rinser tunnel
Feed product or accumulate
Infeed or accumulate


Production rates up to 100 bpm with 12 oz bottles
Adjustable height 32" to 34"
Adjustable height 32" to 34"
No compressed air needed unless tunnel rinser included
24" wide and 36" long
36" 42" or 48" diameters available


220-230 VAC single-phase, 10amps
110 volts, 3 amps
110 volts, 3 amps
Higher Yields

“We certainly noticed that the yields are higher, getting more juice from the same amount of fruit. And when you have more fruit to press, the whole process will be a lot more efficient because when you are setting up and breaking down for a small amount it’s a little more time-consuming but if you’re going to run more fruit, you’re still going to have the same amount of set up and clean up time.” -Ron Bixby of Little Apple CideryRead More…

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