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  • Fully automatic process
  • Nomical speeds vary from 30-40 containers per minute
  • Sorts top corks or screw caps from a bulk hopper
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Plastic cap/cork handling parts
  • Easy change over and minimum change over parts

The mechanism will automatically sort and feed plastic top corks or srew caps from the floor mounted bulk hopper. They are then delivered to the escapement and cork-cap applicator. The applicator will navigate the cork/cap from the chute escapement on to the container and insert the cork into the retainer, pressing the cork to its position on the neck of the container. The screw cap will be placed and torqued accordingly depending on the container. The containers are automatically indexed and centered under the application station for container for cork alignment and later released once the cork has been applied. 

  • 304- stainless steel frame construction
  • Aluminum and plastic parts throughout the machine
  • Floor mounted hopper for easy cap loading
  • Positive container indexing and centering
  • Hand crank adjustment for different height containers
Corker Screw Capper
Corker Screw Capper

In-line Corker-Screw Capper

The Corker-Screw Capper from In-Line Packaging is a single head automatic chuck screw applicator system that sorts and applies caps and corks to rigid containers. The nominal speeds vary from 30-40 containers per minute.

I can do small press days by myself

“On smaller press days I do it myself now. Or, if I have someone else helping I can step away and deal with other issues at the farm,” he says. “It takes about half the time now with the new press, and with two people vs. five. A 4,000-liter press takes us 6 hours with cleanup vs. almost 12 before.” -Andrew Hefele of Twisted Roots CiderRead More…

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