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Combination 4 Head Carbonated / 6 Head Pressure Overflow (Hot Fill) Bottling Line

We have a unique used bottle filling line available. The star of the line is a combination counter pressure/pressure overflow filler. 

With 4 heads for filling carbonated product, and the capability to convert to a  swappable 6 Head Pressure Overflow Filler for hot or cold filled, non-carbonated products this is a versatile line for many applications.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by IN-LINE PACKAGING SYSTEMS. 

Line components are listed below. 

Rotary Infeed table
42″ diameter

Labeler for round bottles

Including Inkjet bottle coder

Inversion Bottle Rinser

With recirculating water, product, or sanitizer solution

Combi filler 6 head hot fill and 4 head carbonated

Change over the filler manifold to change between carbonated of pressure overflow filling. Capable of filling 18 to 24 bottles/min. hot fill, and up to 12 bottles/min. carbonated


Automatic 28mm or 38mm DBJ pick and place screw capper including automatic bowl feeder.

Accumulation table

2’x3′ rectangular table for receiving finished product.  


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