Cold pressed juiceCold pressed juice is here, and it’s not going anywhere.

Artisanal juices have carved a place in the health and wellness industry with a dedicated following ranging from health enthusiasts to Instagram influencers and everyone in between.

What exactly does cold pressed juice mean?

Cold pressing means extracting juice from fruit and vegetables by separating the fiber from the cells of the product without heat. Different methods that include heat are often referred to as centrifugal juicers which shred produce with a spinning set of blades. The preference towards cold press occurred because the friction of the blades from the centrifugal juicers produce heat. This production of heat spurs on the oxidation process when the heated juice comes into contact with air. Heat and oxidation can destroy certain enzymes and nutrients, taking away from the overall nutritional content of the juice. This has made the cold press a more favorable way to create juice.Healeo cold pressed Juice

Looking at the market from a global perspective, the cold-pressed juice market is estimated to grow by USD 275.5 million in 2019-2023. The compounded annual growth is projected to reach approximately 8% between 2019 and 2023 (Global Cold Press Juice Market, 2019). Now, that’s a lot of juice!

Health and wellness experts have stated a lifestyle enriched diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is an effective defense against staving off major chronic diseases and health problems. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada advocates that a lifestyle consistent with fruit and vegetable consumption helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and premature heart disease (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2018). To put this into daily servings, the Canadian Food Guide advised individuals to consume approximately 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. If this number surprised you, you’re not alone! Consistently achieving the daily recommended amount can be a tough goal to tackle, that’s why juicing has caught on like wildfire. The advent of cold press juices has allowed consumers to more easily reach their daily goal of fruits and vegetables.

Charlie’s Produce

This story begins in 1978, with three guys and a vision of creating a better way of delivering organic produce from local growers to their food service and retail customers. These three gentlemen, Ray Bowen, Charlie Billow, and Terry Bagley, had a passion for getting good food to good people.

The driving forces of this farm to fork mission: “sustainability, relationships and forward-thinking” aimed to search for new possibilities in the industry to help everyone achieve their full potential. This was how Charlie’s Produce came to fruition.

making cold pressed kale juice Through Charlie’s Produce, the company was able to branch into different sectors such as Fresh Solutions, a food manufacturing service providing innovative solutions for food service industries, to Farmbox Greens, agriculture with a new spin utilizing an indoor vertical farm, and the feature of this article; Healeo. Their specialty is bringing locally crafted, organic juices free of chemicals and synthetic pesticides to the organic markets.

How did we meet Healeo?

With a growing juice business, the founders of Healeo were on the hunt for equipment that would allow them to grow with their flourishing consumer demand. Healeo’s, Steven Davis, contacted us and informed us of their current situation. Laughing, he compared their process to the stone age as it involved someone loading the hopper, who then proceeded to shove it down into the machine, to then have someone else on the other side shoveling pulp onto their press.

As a forward-thinking guy, Steven knew this was not a viable solution for the future as their company was on an upward trajectory that included partnerships with local grocery chains.

Here at Juicing.Systems, we knew just the remedy. A Kreuzmayr Single Belt Press of course! The purchase of belt presses can significantly affect your business’s capabilities and overall goals simultaneously. Healeo was no exception to this. With the purchase of their belt press, they were able to double their sales from the previous year. In Steven’s words, “It has helped our throughput. It has much more capacity and way better efficiency.”pressing cold pressed juice

We asked Steven how the everyday life of creating juice is different now with their Kreuzmayr Single Belt Press, “I can tell you that in terms of output with what we used to average about, it’s pretty much double. We used to average about 200 cases a week and now we’re putting out 718 cases this week. I mean it’s more than three times.

Our capacity and our ability to go to a customer and say ‘Yes, we can!’ makes a big difference.

With this type of change occurring on the production side of the business, Healeo’s overall strategy and goals had to be readjusted to match their new production abilities. They had known they wanted to venture into partnerships with grocery chains and having this increased capability also not only allowed them their goal but to look further than they thought possible. Before we kill you with suspense, we’ll tell you; it’s a private label.

What does this look like for Healeo?

In Steven’s words, the purchase of the belt press “has allowed us to realize another level of business expansion to a private label.”

Private juice companies have capitalized on the value of belt presses to optimize their bottom lines as well. This means partnering with Healeo for them to press their signature recipes so they could focus their efforts on other aspects of operating a cold press juice bar.

This relationship has proved immensely fruitful for both parties as for Healeo it has created a channel of additional revenue to add to their bottom line. Additionally, for the juice companies, they are dominating that beverage category in all eleven stores that they are placed in, with two more chains in the works.

Thirsty yet? Check out to find out where you can get your hands on some delicious cold-pressed juice!

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