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"It takes about half the time now with the new press," -Twisted Roots Cider

Are you getting all the fruits from your labor? Are you working too hard only to waste some of your precious produce? Don’t let that be you!

Our goal is to create efficiencies for your business by reducing labor costs while increasing the yield of the product you’re pressing. We have been in the fruit processing business for over nine years with our sister company, Okanagan Mobile Juicing, so we’ve got the hands-on experience to make sure you receive exceptional service, every time. 

We work with a manufacturer in Austria, Kreuzmayr, to distribute premium fruit processing equipment that allows for automated continuous solutions. Say goodbye to batch processing!

Ready to optimize your operation?

Our Products

Leave it to our Bin Tipper to do all the heavy lifting. Simply load orchard bins with a forklift or pallet jack into the frame. The operator of the bin tipper can then tilt and empty the bin’s contents into our Washer/Elevator/Grinder or onto a Sorting Conveyor

Bin Tipper GKE loading into Brush Cleaner KFB10


From the Bin Tipper, get your produce ready with our Washer-Elevator-Grinder. The produce is submerged in the stainless steel basin before traveling up the elevator to the grinding mill. The mash is then discharged directly into the dosing box of the belt press. The mill teeth have several sides so you can rotate them up to four times to extend their longevity.

Elevator/Washer/Grinder KWEM2000

Belt Presses

The star of the whole operation is our belt press. Requiring only minimal supervision to operate, this reduces labor costs significantly. It is fully automatic to ensure the process is continuous, eliminating the need to process in batches. High-pressure tension between the belt rollers secures a high yield with good produce. Our client from Healeo puts it perfectly, “It has helped our throughput. It has much more capacity and way better efficiency. Our capacity and our ability to go to a customer and say ‘Yes, we can!’ makes a big difference. It has allowed us to realize another level of business expansion to a private label.” ~Steven Davis, Healeo

K2B1000 Double Belt Press with KWEM 5500 Hammer Mill for cold press juices


Instill confidence in your product with our pasteurizers. Use effectively for yeast kills and/or shelf life stabilization by eliminating pathogens. We have a variety of options such as HTST, Juice Pasteurizers, Bath and Chamber Pasteurizers. 

carbonated HTST Pasteurizer at Veza Sur


How do you get your product to your consumers? Filling is an essential part of your operation and should be calibrated with precision. We have a variety of fillers available such as our MicroCarbonated Bottle Filler that has speeds of up to 24 bpm (4 head), 30 bpm (6 head) and 36 bpm (8 head) with 12 oz bottles. Container handling is fully automatic with no loading or unloading. Genuine pinch valves for control with no overflow. 

Bottling Cider at Farmstong

Labeler and Rinsers

Make sure your product is getting noticed with our labeler. Fully loaded with features to get the job done effortlessly.  A touch screen interface included with every model. The auto set bottle measurement and recipe systems secure easy setups and changeovers. 

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