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Chamber Pasteurizer

The Kreuzmayr Chamber Pasteurizers are designed for the pasteurization of product via a water shower (KKP 360) or by steam injection (KKP480 and up). The cans or bottles of product are placed on a trolley (KKP 360) or a pallet (KKP480). The product is then heated via a time and temperature control panel to the set amount. This ensures a constant processing temperature. Heat-up, holding and cooling times and temperatures can be set. Steam is supplied by the customers own heating system. We can supply a hot water supply if needed.

  • Electronic regulation of the pasteurization process
  • Heating speed is adjustable (depends also on the capacity of the steam boiler)
  • Pasteurization temperature is adjustable
  • Required holding time of pasteurization is adjustable
  • Switch-off temperature is adjustable
  • Electronic datalogger for pasteurization as well as chamber temperature

To operate the chamber pasteurizer, put the filled bottles or cans into the pasteurizer. Close the door and press the start button. Once it has completed the cycle, the machine shuts off automatically. The display permanently shows the actual process temperature. See the video of a KKP 360 here.

  • Highly effective air circulation via stainless steel air blower (KKP480 and up)
  • Steam is injected through a pneumatically activated steam valve into an air channel for optimized steam mixing (KKP480 and up)
  • Condensation or water outlet on the bottom of the chamber (all KKP)
  • Thickness of the insulation is 40-100 mm
KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer
KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer
Technical Data Chamber Pasteurizer KKP
Input Method
Heating Power Requirement
36 kW
Steam 150 kg/h
Steam 300 kg/h
Electrical Connection (V/60 Hz)
208-480V depending on your needs
Dimensions (mm) (L x W x H)
2500 x 1200 x 1800
1760 x 1300 x 2540
2050 x 2450 2678
Weight (kg)
Filling Contents (1 Liter Bottles)
1 Euro Pallet
2 Euro Pallets
Power Consumption
Process of elimination

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