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Micro Carbonated Bottle Filler

The Micro Carbonated Bottle Filler utilizes true pre-evac counter pressure technology to monitor pressure in the container and the product pressure in controlling fills. The Micro Carbonated Bottle Filler is able to fill 12oz bottles with a speed of up to 24 bpm with the 4 head, up to 30 bpm with the 6 head and up to 36 bpm on the 8 head. These are dependent on the beer pressure and temperature as well. Bottle sizes ranging from 12oz up to 750ml can all be handled in the same machine with a series of manual adjustments and a minimal change of parts.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Option for a 4 head, 6 head or 8 head filler
  • Bottle sizing ranging from 12oz to 750ml
  • Flow sensors to ensure controlled filling and no waste of product
  • Finishes with a crown capper to seal the bottles
  • Options to substitute the crown capper with a screw capper or corker

The handling of containers is fully automatic -- no manual loading or unloading of bottles. Once ready, the bottles are shuttled over and are set under the filling heads. The filling heads use genuine liquid pinch valves to control the product flow. Flow meters placed on each head allows for fine adjustments of the fill height, dependent on your preferences. Once completed, the bottles are transferred using hugger belts over to the crowning conveyor where a crown cap is crimped onto the bottle. At completion, the bottles exit over to an accumulation table for pack off.

  • True pre-evac and CO2 charge prior to filling eradicates oxygen in the bottle
  • Automatic bottle-handling throughout the machine
  • Misalignment is not possible as no bottles are used to push other bottles through the filling process
  • Able to run any size of bottle through the same machine 
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