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Canning Line

This can filler is meant for the filling of carbonated products, beer and others, using pre-purge technology for a controlled fill. This canning line is rated for nominal speeds of 30 x 12oz per minute. Variables that are factors for this rating are product carb levels, tank pressure as well as temperature.

  • This process is fully automatic, no manual labor needed!
  • Pre-purge technology
  • Genuine pinch valves for controlling the product flow
  • No cans are used to push other cans through the filling process, eliminating the possibility of misalignment or dents
  • Seaming conveyor included where a dose of CO2 is added to remove any atmosphere from the open can
  • Once the process is complete, the cans are exited over to an accumulation table for packaging
  • Built and assembled in the United States

The CCF-5 Can Filler and Seamer does all the hard work for you. Completely automatic, the cans are shuttled over and placed under the filling nozzles. First, doused with CO2 to remove any atmosphere prior to filling with your product.

Using genuine pinch valves, the product flow is controlled to ensure no waste. Flow meters are placed on each head for fine adjustments made on the fill height to make sure it suits your operation. 

Once filling is complete, a drip of CO2 is applied to remove any atmosphere from the open can. The lid is then placed on the top and then sealed. Once finished, the sealed cans exit onto an accumulation table for packaging.

Can Filler and Seamer from Inline Packaging
Can Filler and Seamer from Inline Packaging
Technical Data Canning Line & Seamer

Canning Line

Nominal Capacity (12oz cans/min)

up to 30

Conveyor Height

1719 mm

Conveyor Length

2642 mm

Machine Width

788 mm

Power Requirements

120 volt Single Phase, 60 Hz, 6 amps

Compressed Air

90-100 PSI at 10 cfm

Higher Yields

“We certainly noticed that the yields are higher, getting more juice from the same amount of fruit. And when you have more fruit to press, the whole process will be a lot more efficient because when you are setting up and breaking down for a small amount it’s a little more time-consuming but if you’re going to run more fruit, you’re still going to have the same amount of set up and clean up time.” -Ron Bixby of Little Apple CideryRead More…

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