Beer and Cider Pasteurizer

The automatically working Beer and Cider Pasteurizer is designed for pasteurizing or heating up, holding and cooling down of carbonated beer or cider. The process is used to stop fermentation and stabilize the product before bottling. The product will cool itself down on the incoming product. A third heat eachanger with a chiller can be added to further cool down the product.


  • Product contact parts made of stainless steel (1.4301) or food safe synthetic material
  • Integrated pump (no additional pump from tank to filler necessary)
  • Reliability of production process – valve closes automatically if pasteurizing temperature is to low
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy cleaning
  • Complete system mounted on chassis
  • Power supply 208 – 480V 60Hz available
  • Machine delivered ready to start
  • Steam, Natural Gas, Propane or hot water operation possible (alternative heating medias upon request)
  • Excellent readable temperature display
  • Design changes to customer requirements possible


Beer and Cider Pasteurizer
Beer and Cider Pasteurizer

In the first stage, the beer or cider is pumped through a plated heat ex- changer, where it gets pre-heated by the out-coming hot product. In the second stage, the heating system provides the required heat to bring the product to the desired temperature. In a holding line the product is held at temperature for the required time. After exiting the holding line, the juice is flowing out of the pasteurizer via the first stage where it is cooled down by the incoming juice. Upon request, we can add a third heat exchanger, where the beer or cider is further cooled down through a chiller. The heating medium is diesel, propane/natural gas, hot water or steam.

The pasteurizer is delivered “ready to operate”. Before taking into operation the machine has to be connected to the heating medium and the exhaust system. After making a connection to the product reservoir and to the filling device you have to fill water into the heating cycle. Now the Pasteurizer is ready for the pasteurizing procedure.

Standard Design

  • Data Loger
  • Ready-to-plug-in
  • Solid construction
  • Minimum space required
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Easy insertion
  • No floor treatment required
  • Fast cleaning Standard design
  • Electric components in industrial design
  • Design in stainless steel/food safe synthetic material
  • Solutions for alternative heating medias (wood, district heating, ..)
  • CE / UL / CSA -certification available

Technical Data Beer and Cider Pasteurizer (STHT with plate heat exchanger)

KZE 1000 KZE 2000 KZE 3000 KZE up to 7000
Length/Width/Height [mm] 3000/1300/1900 3000/1300/1900 3000/1300/1900 upon request
Weight [kg]  1395  1468  1562
Output [l/h] 1000  2000 3000
Voltage [V] 208V – 480V depending on your needs

Temporary heating and Electro pasteurizers are also available.