Bath Pasteurizer

Area of Application

The bath pasteurizer units are made for the pasteurization of your juice or cider in a water bath after is has been packaged into cans, bottles or pouches. The contents of the bath pasteurizer are heated by two electric elements. The containers are placed into the bath and heated to the set temperature. Through the direct heating of the water basin, a high level of effectiveness is achieved. This, in conjunction with the temperature and time control, guarantees a constant processing temperature.

These bath pasteurizers need 3 phase power to work efficiently. A gas heating unit is available upon request.


Bath Pasteurizer wp200

  • Plug-in mobile unit
  • Electronic temperature and time control
  • Separate connection for the filling and overflow protection
  • Electronic controlled heating
  • Control box with electronic program control


The machines can be provided with either 9 kW or 18 kW heating elements. For transport the base unit is removable without any tools. The entire tank, including the lid, is made with a double wall insulation.

Easy Operation

Place the filled bottles in the pasteurizer, close the lid and press the start button. At the end of the process the machine shuts off automatically. The display permanently shows the actual process temperature.

Technical Data Bath Pasteurizer

WP 100 WP 200 WP 300
Nominal output in 1 liter bottles 100 200 300
Heating Power (kW) 9 2 x 9 3 x 9
Electrical Connection (V/60 Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs (requires 3 Phase)
Dimensions (mm) [DepthxWidthxHeight] 760x1160x1110 760x1600x1540 1030x1900x1570
Weight (Kg) 200 240 290
Filling contents (1 liter bottles) approx. 50 approx. 100 150
Basin Size (mm) [LengthxWidthxHeight] 650x600x340 1000x650x340 1290x900x505