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Apple Juice Processing Equipment in Stock Now!

The last pressing days are upon you. You can finally hang up the mash bags, tuck in your press for it’s cozy, winter hibernation and savor the last moments of having crusty apple mash tucked behind your ears (please tell us we’re not the only one who’s experienced this?!).

We are willing to bet you have a love/hate relationship with your apple juice processing equipment. You’ve gotten to know the quirks and grown fond of it’s particular ways. Or maybe you’re ready to throw it out the next window you see?

What if I told you that you could press without bags, bladders or cloths to the tune of 2-3 bins per hour (~1765 lbs/hr). And to sweeten the deal, what if this lean mean apple pressin machine could arrive without lead times. Would you say, “A hard core YES!”

Putting in the Work (So You Don't Have To!)

That lean mean machine we are talking about is the KEB 400 Belt Press from Kreuzmayr. This press processes your apples at a rate of up to 3 bins per hour, dependent on the fruit quality. We have two of these presses available right now in our warehouse to secure your way to easier pressing in 2022 with our stock equipment.

In addition to the two belt presses in our warehouse, we also have a GKE Bin Tipper as well as a KWEM 2000 Washer-Elevator-Grinder  with a Destoner Chute. 

Juice Processing Power Pairing

What could be better than getting more out of your fruit in less time? Infeed equipment that also speeds up the process! Pair the KEB 400 Belt Press with our infeed equipment to create a powered up juice processing line. The Bin Tipper tips at the press of a button and feeds your produce directly into the Washer-Elevator-Grinder, positioned directly above the belt press. The Washer-Elevator-Grinder we have in our warehouse is a KWEM 2000 with a Destoner Chute. The chute creates an opportunity to transport stone fruit into a Destoner. To do this, it bypasses the mill, using a ‘trap door’ mechanism, and feeds the stone fruit directly into the top of the Destoner (sold separately). 

Get Into the Details

Let’s jump into the technical details of your new pressing equipment!

2 x KEB 400 Single Belt Presses

Press to your heart’s content with our entry-level belt press. Be able to press at a rate of 2-3 orchard bins per hour. That’s typically 1765 lbs/hr (800 kg/hr) with good fruit!

Integrate easily into your facility with a 220V single phase power supply. Built on wheels for pressing in a variety of places in your operation. Includes a sensor control that automatically pumps off the juice to ensure no overflow occurs!

Automatic belt press KEB400

KWEM 2000 Washer-Elevator Grinder with Destoner Chute (on backorder, coming soon)

Kreuzmayr KWEM Washer Elevator Grinder with Destoner Chute

Wash, lift, and grind all in one easy step with the Kreuzmayr Washer-Elevator-Grinders. The KWEM 2000 has a nominal capacity of 4400 lbs/hr (2000 kg/hr. Positioned directly above your press, it easily integrates with the Kreuzmayr KEB Belt Presses. This equipment can also be integrated with your existing equipment, call us to get more details on this!

The Destoner Chute is a feature that allows you to process a variety of produce, including stone fruit. Included is a stainless steel ‘trap door’ that creates a bypass from the mill. The stone fruit is loaded the same way and travels up the elevator just as all the other produce does. Where it gets processed differently is that instead of going through the mill, it gets diverted to the chute that feeds directly to your Destoner. From there, the Destoner separates the flesh from the pit. 

The power supply required for this unit is 220V single phase, easily found at most facilities. 

*Please note the Destoner is not included but if this is something you’re interested in, click HERE.

GKE Bin Tipper (on backorder, coming soon)

How are you loading your fruit? Does it involve enough manual labor to make even your Crossfit friends cringe? Streamline your operation with the GKE Bin Tipper. Load up a variety of your orchard bins and tip at the touch of a button. 

Electrical requirements are 220V single phase power.

GKE Bin Tipper at Bee Well Mead & Cider

Put Em Together and What Do You Get? A Pressing Line!

Create your ideal pressing set up for 2022 by putting all three of these pieces together! Watch it in action with red flesh apples at Union Hill Cidery in the video below. Claim your free 15 min consultation on how this equipment can be integrated into your operation! 

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