About us

Juicing Systems founders Kristen and Remo Trovato

The Juicing.Systems Team Backstory

Juicing.Systems was founded by power couple Remo and Kristen Trovato who started their journey with their sister company, Mobile Juicing. In the beginning, Remo and Kristen operated with a rack and cloth press. If you are familiar with this method, you know it’s no easy task.  The cloths tend to be easily torn and the mess is unimaginable. Of the experience, Kristen says, “We would show up and pound out this juice, and these farmers would be looking at us like, wow.” They thought to themselves, there must be a better way!

The Mobile Kreuzmayr Machine

By their second season, Mobile Juicing was turning a small profit, but the work — 14-hour days of manual loading and unloading with the rack-and-cloth press — was feeling like more than they could handle. After grueling hours of research, they found a company in Austria by the name of Kreuzmayr that specialized in fruit processing equipment. Eager to learn more, Kristen and Remo jumped on the next plane to Austria to meet the supplier face to face. This meeting would be the start of a life-changing relationship. After discussing various options that would best suit their needs, they went ahead and outfitted the truck and trailer complete with a belt press and continued to travel to orchards all over the Okanagan and press fruit to make farm fresh juice.

After operating Mobile Juicing for several years, they noticed a large gap in the market. People were looking for machinery to press and pasteurize their juice, cider, beer etc. Now for some, this may seem like a problem but for the Trovatos’, they saw this as a golden opportunity. Not wanting to over complicate Mobile Juicing with this new segment of equipment sales, they created a brand-new company Juicing.Systems. Now, they had to figure out how to run not one but TWO businesses. 

Today, Kristen and Remo and the team at Juicing.Systems, supply top-of-the-line Kreuzmayr machinery — belt presses, de-stoners, elevator-washer-grinders and pasteurizers — to cider makers and fruit processors across North America. They’ve also introduced In-Line Packaging to the equipment line. 

Meet The Team

Remo – Service

RemoRemo is the ultimate service rep and owner of Juicing.Systems. He is a pro at knowing precisely which machine is best suited for every application and tirelessly seeks new ways to grow the business. He can also be seen flying down the slopes of  SilverStar Mountain on his snowboard. 

With a background as an auto electrician, Remo’s curiosity led him to visit the Kreuzmayr factory when the couple bought their first belt press and de-stoner. After seeing how he had modified their machine to fit their needs, the company hired him to service and sell their machines in North America.

This intimate knowledge of the equipment, inside and out — gives him a serious edge when it comes to setting up and servicing the equipment. 

His serious diagnostic skills allow him to talk customers through fixes over the phone.

Nathan – Sales

NathanNathan is the brains behind our sales team. He started his journey with Juicing.Systems when he began working on the Mobile Juicing trailer. He showed tremendous work ethic and it paid off! Remo and Kristen offered him a full time position as their sales manager for Juicing.Systems and he has been exceeding expectations left and right. He has an eye for detail and checks and rechecks quotes to ensure that every order of every size arrives without a hitch. We love that he keeps the office humming with his wicked taste in music.

Kristen – Guru of the office

KristenKristen is the brains behind the scenes of Juicing.Systems keeping all of our ducks in a row and leading us down the right path. Her expertise in Mobile Juicing is invaluable to our company and we couldn’t do it without her. We especially love that she wants to help every orchardist and cider maker out there. 

Rodger – Installations/Support & Service

RodgerRodger was born and raised in Britain and is trained as an electrical engineer. His career has led him to specialize in fruit processing and agricultural equipment. His quick quips and dry sense of humor keeps the office in high spirits. Due to his, expertise, knowledge and know-how, Rodger travels all over North America kick starting juice bars, cideries and breweries on track with their newly purchased equipment. 

Madison – Social Media/Marketing/Office Admin

MadisonMadison is fresh out of business school and eager to put her knowledge to real world apple-cation. She is born and raised Okanagan girl with a heart for anything outdoors. She works for both Juicing.Systems as well as Mobile Juicing. She is notoriously covered in cherry juice while on the truck and doesn’t give two fruits! She is never short of terrible jokes and makes sure Juicing.Systems has an extensive brand-awareness through social media, blog writing and advertising. 

Julie – Content Creator /Copywriter 

JulieJulie is the word nerd of the marketing behind Juicing.SystemsShe completed her training in PR and advertising internationally in New Zealand and fills her time writing stories and creating campaigns. One thing about Julie is that she is not one to stand still for long. In addition to working for Juicing Systems, Julie teaches mountain biking camps to women calling it Single Track Summer School.

Scott – MobileJuicing Operations Manager

ScottScott is at the helm of Operations of MobileJuicing.com. He and his team process over 1.5 million pounds of fruit in a 4-5 month season. They put serious strain on the Kreuzmayr machines. This is one way that we know that we sell quality equipment that stands the test of real production. 

Scott has a highly diverse background from investment banking to being a sales representative for the notorious ski company, Rossignol. Throughout his career, Scott has developed exceptional leadership abilities that allow him to define his vision and effectively relay it to his team. 

When he is not cruising the orchards of the Okanagan Valley, Scott enjoys paddling on his canoe as well as cross country skiing at our local resort. As a former cross country skiing and canoe competitor, he knows how to endure the long and sometimes grueling days of production. Thank you Scott for all that you do!