About us

Juicing Systems founders Kristen and Remo Trovato

The company and the Team behind it

In the summer of 2012 Kristen Trovato ventured into the Juicing Business.

She bought some apples, borrowed space from the BX Press to practice and was off  with her team setting up the rack-and-cloth press at different farms and shovelling fruit by hand to fill about 60 5-liter bags per hour. Of the experience, Kristen says, “We would show up and pound out this juice, and these farmers would be looking at us like, wow.”

By the next season her husband Remo had sold his web design business and ‘Team Trovato’ ran the machine full time, all the while devising a plan for more efficient pressing.

The Mobile Kreuzmayr Machine

By their third season, Mobile Juicing was turning a small profit, but the work — 14-hour days of manual loading and unloading with the rack-and-cloth press — was feeling like more than they could handle. The couple upgraded to a more efficient setup with a Kreuzmayr belt press, washing, grinding and pressing the fruit automatically and they also set up a de-stoner to work with stone fruits such as cherries, peaches and plums.

The trailer grew with a bin tipper, washing elevator, de-stoner, then grew some more with a bigger belt press, and eventually a second trailer was purchased.

The  Trovato’s are based in the Okanagan Valley where its agricultural heritage plays a big part in the Trovatos’ story. In the summertime, the region has a California-like climate, great for growing tree fruit and grapes for wine; in winter, it’s very cold and snowy, a great place for skiing, which is what the Trovato’s do in their spare time.

Today, Kristen and Remo have two young children and run not one, but two businesses: MobileJuicing.com which juices fruit for farmers in their region and Juicing.Systems, supplying top-of-the-line Kreuzmayr machinery — belt presses, de-stoners, elevator-washer-grinders and pasteurizers — to cider makers and fruit processors across North America. They’ve also introduced In-Line Packaging to the equipment line. 

The Team

the team at Juicing.Systems

Remo – Service

Remo is the ultimate service rep and owner of Juicing.Systems. He is a pro at knowing precisely which machine is best suited for every application and tirelessly seeks new ways to grow the business. He can also be seen flying down the slopes of  SilverStarMountain on his snowboard.

With a background as an auto electrician, Remo’s curiosity led him to visit the Kreuzmayr factory when the couple bought their first belt press and de-stoner. After seeing how he had modified their machine to fit their needs, the company hired him to service and sell their machines in North America.

This intimate knowledge of the equipment, inside and out — gives him a serious edge when it comes to setting up and servicing the equipment. 

His serious diagnostic skills allow him to talk customers through fixes over the phone.

Kristen – Guru of the office

Kristen is the brains behind the scenes of Juicing.Systems keeping all of our ducks in a row and leading us down the right path. Her expertise in Mobile Juicing is invaluable to our company and we couldn’t do it without her. We especially love that she wants to help every orchardist and cider maker out there. 

Nathan – Sales

Nathan is the brains behind our sales team. He has an eye for detail and checks and rechecks quotes to ensure that every order of every size arrives without a hitch. We love that he keeps the office humming to the beat with his wicked choice in music.

Julie – Content Creator /Copywriter 

Julie is the word nerd of the marketing behind Juicing.Systems.If she’s not behind the camera she’s busy writing stories. In the springtime Julie teaches mountain biking camps to women calling it Single Track Summer School.

Juicing.Systems team photo