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The Juicing.Systems Team Backstory

Juicing.Systems was founded by Remo and Kristen Trovato who started their journey with their sister company, MobileJuicing.com In the beginning, Remo and Kristen operated with a rack and cloth press. If you are familiar with this method, you know it’s no easy task. The cloths tend to be easily torn and the mess is unimaginable. Of the experience, Kristen says, “We would show up and pound out this juice, and the farmers would be looking at us like, wow.” Although the clients were blown away, Remo and Kristen thought to themselves, there must be a better way!

Juicing Systems founders Kristen and Remo Trovato

The Mobile Kreuzmayr Machine

By their second season, MobileJuicing.com was turning a small profit, but the work — 14-hour days of manual loading and unloading with the rack-and-cloth press — was feeling like more than they could handle. After long hours of research, they found a company in Austria by the name of Kreuzmayr that specialized in fruit processing equipment. Eager to learn more, Kristen and Remo jumped on the next plane to Austria to meet the supplier face to face. This meeting would be the start of a life-changing relationship. After discussing various options that would best suit their needs, they went ahead and outfitted the truck and trailer complete with a belt press and continued to travel to orchards all over the Okanagan and press fruit to make farm fresh juice.

After operating MobileJuicing.com for a couple of years, they noticed a large gap in the market. People were looking for machinery to press and pasteurize their juice, cider, beer etc. Now for some, this may seem like a problem but for the Trovatos’, they saw this as an opportunity. Not wanting to over complicate Mobile Juicing with this new segment of equipment sales, they created a brand-new company Juicing.Systems. Now, they had to figure out how to run not one but TWO businesses.

Today, Kristen and Remo and the team at Juicing.Systems, supply top-of-the-line Kreuzmayr machinery — belt presses, de-stoners, elevator-washer-grinders and pasteurizers — to cider makers and fruit processors across North America. They’ve also introduced In-Line Packaging to the equipment line.

Meet the Team

Nathan Sales Manager with Juicing.Systems

Nathan - Sales

Nathan is the brains behind our sales team. He started his journey with Juicing.Systems when he began working on the MobileJuicing.com trailer. He showed tremendous work ethic and it paid off! Remo and Kristen offered him a full time position as their sales manager for Juicing.Systems and he has been exceeding expectations left and right. He has an eye for detail and checks and rechecks quotes to ensure that every order of every size arrives without a hitch. We love that he keeps the office humming with his wicked taste in music. If he is not in the office, he can be found skiing the local mountain or paddling the local lakes.

Rodger the service technician at Juicing.Systems

Rodger - Installation/Support

Rodger was born and raised in Britain and is trained as an electrical engineer. His career has led him to specialize in fruit processing and agricultural equipment. His quick quips and dry sense of humor keeps the office in high spirits. Due to his, expertise, knowledge and know-how, Rodger travels all over North America kick starting juice production facilities, cideries and breweries on track with their newly purchased equipment. Rodger has retired, but is still on call for installation work throughout the year as well as selected support functionalities.

Remo with Juicing.Systems

Remo - Service/Support/Installation

Remo is a pro at knowing precisely which machine is best suited for every application and tirelessly seeks new ways to grow the business. He can also be seen flying down the local slopes on his snowboard.  With a background as an auto electrician, and after Kreuzmayr saw how he had modified their machine to fit their needs, the company hired him to service and sell their machines in North America. This intimate knowledge of the equipment, inside and out — gives him a serious edge when it comes to setting up and servicing the equipment.  His diagnostic skills allow him to talk customers through fixes over the phone and video chats. Most of all, he knows first hand that technical support is key to get operations back up and running and makes sure that service and support to clients is the number one priority of Juicing Systems.

Dru Hill

Dru Hill - Service/Support/Installation

Is the newest addition to the service team. Joining in July 2023. He is an electrician with years of experience in servicing machines of all types. We look forward to welcoming him to the team.

Lorna Church - Administration/Parts/Inventory

Lorna is our jack of all trades and master of many. With a bachelor of science in agriculture and an advanced certificate in GIS, she is versed in many fields. She can pull lambs or castrate pigs like its nobodies business, but also has all the attention to details to get your spare parts order out to you accurately and in time or coordinating shipping and imports for our larger machines. Lorna is enjoyed by many of us for her sense of humor and setting low standards for herself so she can feel successful any ol time.
In her spare time she is busy with farming, biking, reading, skiing, knitting and chasing her kids, not in that order...
Did we mention already that she is funny?

Alex Wolf - Marketing

Hailing from the big city, Alex is a master of social media, videos, marketing, and content creation. If you receive a newsletter from us or come across awesome videos, chances are Alex is the one behind them. Alex is a passionate marketer who possesses a unique blend of creativity, business acumen, and a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling. Balancing professional ambitions with a devotion to family, Alex brings a distinct approach to his work, drawing inspiration from personal and professional experiences while fueling his passion for continuous learning within the marketing department.

Noelle - CFO - Legal - HR

Noelle is our in-house financial advisor and Chartered Professional Accountant living it up in Vernon with her husband and their two young boys. Noelle covers diverse aspects of business for Juicing Systems and Okanagan Beverage Co, coordinating legal, HR and finance functions. Everyday she's working on something different – juggling strategy and policy decisions while making sure that the company is running smoothly. She is actively involved in her community, being a Director at the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan. In addition, she is a founding member of the 100 Women Who Care chapter in her region. In her spare time, she travels the world in search of all its wonders, hits the trails, hikes mountain peaks and is always looking for the coldest water for an icy plunge.

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