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Canadian cider association

Welcome to Fresh Pressed, the podcast where we discuss everything related to juicing. Here we will give you a recap of this episode, we had a special guest, Barry Rooke, the Executive Director of the Canadian Cider Association, who discussed the Canadian cider market and the future of the cider industry in Canada.

Barry explains how he became interested in cider over a decade ago when he met his wife and started trying different ciders. He discovered The County Cider Company in Waupoos, ON, which he felt was better than anything else available at the time. Barry started a blog called Cider Crate, which he expanded to include reviews, social media posts, and maps of cider producers in Ontario and all over the world.

When Barry learned about Excise Duty, a federal tax applied to cider producers and alcohol producers, he sent a survey to all the cider producers in Canada, asking if they were interested in forming a national association. He received 100 responses, with all but two being in favor of a national association. This led to the formation of the Canadian Cider Association, which has grown significantly in the past three years.

The Canadian Cider Association offers several benefits to its members, including partnerships with Juicing Systems and other allied suppliers. The association is also working to collaborate with provincial associations to provide more services to cider producers across the country.

In addition, the Canadian Cider Association was successful in having cider and mead pulled out of the Excise Duty definition, saving cider producers between $15 and $20 million per year in new taxes.

Barry sees the Canadian cider market continuing to grow, with more small-scale producers entering the market. He believes that the future of the cider industry lies in producing unique and high-quality ciders that appeal to a wide audience.

In summary, deciding whether to turn your cider-making hobby into a business depends on your goals, investment, and revenue needs. It is essential to put the right structures in place and think of ways to make your product successful in the market. The cider market has seen a surge in producers, causing challenges, but also offering different angles for entry into the industry. The future of the market remains bright, with opportunities for more creativity, showcasing good products, and driving more people to the offerings available. With the right approach, investment, and creativity, you can turn your cider-making hobby into a profitable venture.

The Canadian Cider Association is a valuable resource for cider producers across Canada, offering benefits and services to help them succeed in the industry. With the growth of the industry, the Canadian Cider Association is sure to play a crucial role in the future of the Canadian cider market.

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